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What makes Viberate different from other music analytics tools?

These are the 6 main things that make us stand out:

Our data is hand-curated and therefore much more accurate and reliable. If you search for Steve Aoki on Viberate, you’ll only get one aggregated result, while other similar platforms will return as many as 5 different incomplete entries. There are absolutely no double entries on Viberate.

▪  We cover every music entity, including music labels, festivals, events, venues, and – most importantly – almost every artist out there, not just superstars.

▪  Our stats are user-friendly, visually appealing and actionable. You can apply them to your career from day one. Next to raw data, we also offer synthetic metrics, which are a great time-saver when analyzing different artists. 

▪  Our charts are fueled by pure data. They are unbiased, daily updated and rank every artist, label, festival, track and playlist according to their performance. They are highly customizable by genre, country and even the “current hotness” of a specific artist. 

▪  We have the most complete Spotify, Beatport and Airplay analytics. Our analytics cover every single artist releasing music on Spotify, over 12M Spotify playlists and over 24k radio stations in 150 countries, which is far more than any other competitive service.