Instant Web Data Collection

Collect and match data from multiple web sources instantly

Instant Web Data Collection

InstantMatch allows you to search for any artist or track and instantly match their data across different channels. In only a couple of minutes, get their real-time social media and streaming stats, along with credits and metadata.

The matching principles can be applied to various use cases in the music industry or across other industries. The data can be provided via API.

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More about Instant Match

What is Instant Match?

It's a new product by Viberate that demonstrates the technology that is used for instant web data collection. It provides you the ability to search for any artist or track and instantly match their data across different channels.

What can Instant Match be used for?

It can be used for various use cases within the music industry or broader. Early feedback shows that this technology is applicable to:

  • music companies working with large catalogs of songs (investing, management, distribution, licensing, publishing etc.)
  • music tech companies working with different data sources
  • music media companies looking to improve their content

Since the technology can be fit to meet very specific needs, the use cases are endless.

What kind of data is available in Instant Match?

For demo purposes, InstantMatch matches the data sources of any track or artist. It currently works with the following channels: Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, Deezer, , TikTok, YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Songtradr, Tunefind, Instagram, Discogs, Genius and Songkick. But it isn't limited only to these, new ones can be added as well.

Is the data accessible in any other form as well (like API)?

Yes, the data can be delivered in a variety of different formats. It's available through our music data API or it can be sent to your data server in csv, XML or other agreed formats.

Can InstantMatch be customized to solve specific issues?

Definitely! InstantMatch is intended as a demo for the technology we developed, so it can be adapted to solve your specific challenges within the music industry or broader.

How much does InstantMatch cost?

The pricing is custom and depends on your data needs, please contact us to get more info.