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Viberate Analytics vs. Viberate for Artists - Which Viberate is right for you?

Viberate started as an analytics service for the music industry. We wanted to make music analytics visually appealing, easily understandable and available to every music professional. 
A short while ago, we launched our version of artist services, called Viberate for Artists. As the name suggests, the platform is primarily intended for independent artists and offers a variety of useful services, such as distribution, playlist pitching, a free artist website, and certain analytical features.
Our existing Viberate Analytics users can activate Viberate for Artists in their home dashboard and vice versa. However, they can also opt to use only one part of the platform. Both parts are available in a Lite and Premium version.

Viberate Analytics - Music Analytics for Industry Professionals
Viberate Analytics is (surprise!) the analytical part of the platform. It contains extensive charts, genre and country trends, and entity pages.
By using our comprehensive and customizable charts, you can define a set of artists, playlists, labels, festivals or venues that fit your selected criteria. This can be used for A&R purposes, talent buying, identifying playlists, labels, festivals or venues of interest, or any kind of advanced search of entities within the music industry.
Genre and country trends can help you analyze the state of music across 18 main genres and 144 subgenres, or understand the music scene in every country in the world. This is particularly useful in the media or for market research.
Our entity pages are homes to all data pertaining to artists, tracks, labels, playlists, festivals, venues, and events. They enable you to thoroughly analyze each of the entities and its performance. For artists, this includes their social media and streaming platform performance, demographics and geolocation of their fans, performance of their tracks, playlist placements and more. Our artist pages are customizable, which allows you to prioritize tabs that are most relevant to you. You can also compare any two artists and tracks by different artists.
Viberate Analytics is a powerful analytical tool for anyone who needs to leverage the power of data to either define a specific set of artists or to analyze an artist’s performance. It’s particularly valuable to artist and label managers, talent buyers and event organizers, music analysts, music publishers, and DSPs. 

Viberate for Artists - A Set of Tools for Independent Musicians
Viberate for Artists is a hub for independent musicians that unites features such as distribution, analytics and playlist pitching in one platform. It eliminates the need to monitor and update different pages and profiles scattered all across the web. It enables artists to upload and distribute their tracks, monitor their performance, pitch for playlist placements, keep track of their social media performance, and compare themselves to other artists.
By connecting Spotify for Artists, you get all your Spotify stats delivered straight to Viberate, accompanied by our proprietary Spotify metrics.
Each artist also gets their free website that contains all relevant information, most successful tracks, past events, and both a booking and contact option. The website is connected to our database, which makes it always up to date.
To better utilize the artist features and regardless if you activated Viberate for Analytics, you also get access to artist analytics for yourself and every other artist in our database. This way you can compare yourself to other similar artists or find artists for potential collaborations.

But, which is the right one?
Now that we’ve covered each of the parts individually, let’s find out which one works better for you (pro tip: you might end up using both of them, and that’s ok). 
If you’re looking to discover artists for a specific purpose, or you’re interested in one or more artists and their performance, Viberate Analytics is your go-to source. However, you can also derive value from Viberate Analytics if you’re an artist yourself. If you’re interested in deep-level analytics, you want to compare yourself to other artists in great detail, or you want to find labels, venues and festivals that might be relevant to you, analytical features of Viberate for Artists might not be enough. Luckily, Viberate Analytics offers a 7-day free trial which enables you to test the full spectrum of features even before you’re actually charged.
On another note, if you’re an artist and don’t have a whole team behind you just yet, Viberate for Artists can help you manage all aspects of your career in one place. Analytics included in Viberate for Artists are enough to monitor your performance and performance of your tracks. You can easily access your distribution dashboard, monitor your social media and streaming stats, connect Spotify for Artist, and take advantage of your own website.
If you do decide to use both parts, you can easily enable them in your home dashboard. And if you want to get the very best of Viberate, you can switch to Premium on either of the sides, or even both.