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What are the adding/editing guidelines?

Anyone with a Viberate account can add new Artist, Venue, Event, Festival and Label Pages or suggest changes to existing ones. 

After you add or edit an entity page, our curators review your entry and either approve or deny it. If your entry gets approved, it becomes publicly visible. 

These general guidelines apply to all entities: 


▪ The entity you’re adding isn’t in our database yet.
▪ The entity you’re adding is currently active:
      - an artist is active and making music,
      - a venue is currently operational and is hosting live events,
      -a festival is ongoing and has live music performances.
▪ The submitted information is correct.
▪ The added entity requires as much information and links as possible.
▪ The links you are adding lead to channels with content (posts, videos, tracks, etc.).


▪ Don’t change URLs in any way if the existing links on pages are correct (meaning they have content and belong to the artist), for example: changing http to https, adding or removing slashes, language codes ... Such changes can affect analytics calculations and will therefore be rejected.
▪ Don’t remove the existing links on pages if they are correct (meaning they have content and belong to the artist), even if the content on the social media channels is outdated (more than 3 years old). But you can replace them with new links if they exist (e.g., the artist has created a new Twitter account – in this case, you can safely replace the existing link with the new one).