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What is Viberate Analytics and who is it for?

Viberate’s music analytics provide up-to-date insights into the music industry in a visualized, understandable way. 

We monitor all major social and music channels (Spotify, Beatport, Instagram, YouTube, Radio, etc.), and use the data to determine how each artist performs online and how they rank in popularity compared to other similar artists, not just superstars. 

As the stats of every artist are collected in one place, we make it easy for industry professionals to examine and compare them side-by-side, discover emerging talent, and gain market insights.

Additionally, we monitor the performance of festivals, labels, tracks and playlists to bring the full picture. This way we can help music professionals – artists, managers, label managers, event organizers, booking agents, etc. – make profitable and less risky decisions.

Find more information about our music analytics and available subscription plans here.