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Daily-refreshed data on millions of artists, songs, playlists, festivals and other industry entities that you can process or integrate into your services.


Music API with the Highest Data Integrity on the Market

Viberate API scheme

Why Use Viberate's Music API?

  • Unique Artist IDs

    Viberate is the only music data service on the market offering a curated database with no double entries. One artist = one profile, or you get your money back!

  • Covering the entire music ecosystem

    We map, analyze and rank millions of artists, tracks, playlists, venues, labels, festivals and events. You can monitor their music and social media performance in one place.

  • All relevant channels

    We strive towards collecting data from all relevant streaming and social media channels, subject to availability – thus offering TikTok, Spotify and YouTube Music API among others. Access raw data points or let us process them for you.

  • Competitive prices

    Whether you’re an early-stage start-up or an international music giant, we’ve prepared affordable music API packages for you.

Music API Use Cases

  • Talent agencies

    Feed signature content, gig dates and important metrics directly into your artists' profiles. You will never have to manually update profiles again.

  • Collecting societies, publishers and distributors

    Automatically feed information into your artists’ profiles, offer data analytics stats to your clients, and improve your internal reporting tools. Analyze, rank and present artists/tracks with popularity metrics.

  • Labels

    Discover breaking talent by applying advanced A&R filters to Viberate’s database and source verified Viberate data to your internal data tools.

  • App developers

    Need a Spotify API? Want to integrate lineups from every festival? Whatever it is, you can feed the content from Viberate’s profiles into your app and benefit from the automatic daily update.

Get the right music API for your data needs

  • The cleanest database on the market
  • Unique artist IDs
  • Access to millions of music industry entities
  • Data from all relevant social and streaming channels
  • Competitive price
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