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Get all your streaming and social stats in one place. The most up-to-date analytics, sourced directly from your channels, with all the must-have data for planning and monitoring releases.

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One Tool, All Your Artist Stats

No more switching tools!

Here’s the first hub connecting all your streaming & social media stats.

streaming stats,

daily refreshed
Complete social
media analytics
Data-driven music website,
Spotify playlist pitching
One Tool, All Your Artist Stats
7 days free, then $2.99/mo
No credit card required!

The only tool connecting
your first-party stats

Connect your
music channels

  • The most complete streaming stats, sourced directly from your channels
  • Stats that go beyond your channel analytics enriched with professional Viberate data
  • Channel and cross-channel analysis of your songs, streaming stats, playlisting, and audience demographics & geolocation – easily compare your performance across channels!
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Spotify for

Full channel analytics PLUS fastest-growing locations and more.

Spotify for Artists
Apple Music

Apple Music for

Full channel analytics PLUS fastest-growing locations and more.

Apple Music for Artists

Shazam for

Full channel analytics.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music
for Artists


Monitor and compare
your songs

  • Performance of every song analyzed across channels.
  • Compare your songs in one graph: by Spotify streams, Apple Music Plays, Shazams, etc.
  • See what works, assess promotional efforts, etc. – it doesn’t get handier.
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Monitor and compare your songs

First-party GeolocationLocate your

  • Plan with cross-channel audience geolocation. Know where to focus promotion for your next releases and where to pitch your next gig.
  • Your streams across countries and cities with recent changes.
  • Measure the effects of music releases and tours.
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Locate your audience

YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, and radio airplay

  • We’ll display data from all your other music channels in the same place.
  • Fanbase and plays over time, song analytics, top-performing content, and other key stats.
  • Analyzing your videos published on your own AND every other YouTube channel.
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YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, and radio airplay

TikTok, Instagram, and other social media insights

  • Monitor social media stats across channels to see what works.
  • Reach the right audience! Promote your releases with fanbase insights.
  • Measure your marketing campaigns with data.
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TikTok, Instagram, and other social media insights

Plan and monitor your
releases with one tool

Connect all your artist stats in one hub and reach the right audience with professional marketing tools.

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How it works

  1. Connect your music channels!

    Tell us who you are by connecting your Spotify for Artists and other music accounts. This will connect all your streaming stats into one hub. Your data will be sourced directly from your channels, refreshed daily, and private to you.

  2. We’ll level up your artist stats

    We’ll enrich your data with audience insights, playlist placements, and more Viberate metrics you can work with. We’ll also automatically match your profile to your other social media and music channels and integrate your data.

  3. Track all your artist stats in one place

    Now, you have the best artist analytics on the market at hand. Monitor your artist stats over time to see what works and where your weak spots are.

  4. Promote with fanbase insights

    See where your fanbase is coming from, their age and gender, and their distribution across channels. Use the insights for promoting releases, tours, gigs, merch drops, etc.

That's not all!

Data-driven music promotion

showcase your musicGet a stunning music website in seconds

  • A one-sheet where music pros can check your signature content and access your channels.
  • No editing needed! Your music website is automatically generated and refreshed.
  • Get discovered and contacted via direct form or booking request
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Get a stunning music website in seconds

Pitch your songs to Spotify playlists

  • Pitch to the most suitable Spotify playlists to give your songs a streaming boost.
  • Access a chart of 12M+ Spotify playlists.
  • Shortlist playlists by genre, subgenre, type, etc., and reach out directly to curators.
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Get a stunning music website in seconds

Are you already spending over $50 for similar services every month?

Tracking your artist stats, planning promotional campaigns, and pitching songs to the most suitable playlists is not cheap.

Current activity
Monitoring your artist stats
(without first-party data)
Maintaining a music
Pitching songs to
Spotify playlists
Chartmetric, Soundcharts,
Songstats, etc.
OneSheet, BandZoogle,
BandVista, etc.
PlaylistPush, SubmitHub,
Groover, etc.
$10-12 / month
$0-16 / month
$0-50 / month
$10- 78 / month

We cover all that – without switching tools!

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“When I was starting my career, access to the music industry was extremely limited – especially where I come from. A tool like Viberate for Artists would have saved me a lot of energy I could have used to focus on my creative process instead.”

UMEK, Techno producer & Viberate’s co-founder

How do we compare

to other analytics services for artists?

for Artists
Artist Plan
(1 Artist)
Streaming analyticsCheckCheckChecklimited
First-party Spotify for Artists statsCheck---
First-party Apple Music for Artists statsCheck---
First-party Amazon Music for Artists statsCheck---
First-party Shazam for Artists statsCheck---
Social media analyticsCheckCheckChecklimited
Playlist analyticsCheckCheckCheckCheck
Track analyticsCheckCheckCheckCheck
Audience insightsCheckCheckCheckCheck
Compare tracksCheckCheck--
Artist ChartsCheckCheckCheck-
CSV exportsCheckCheckCheck-
Your music websiteCheckCheck--
Playlist pitching toolsCheck---
Price$2.99 / month$10 / month$10 / month$11.99 / month

We have answers

What is Viberate for Artists and how can I use it?

Viberate for Artists is a hub uniting all the must-have tools for independent musicians – streaming & social stats plus data-driven marketing tools – in one place. This is how it works:

  1. By connecting your Spotify for Artists account and other music channels, you can monitor all your streaming stats in one place. Data from the channels you connect is private to you. Viberate for Artists is powered by the music data company Viberate which maps and analyzes the entire music industry in one place, including 1M+ artists. We’ll enhance the information from your channels with our own music and social media data, which will allow you to look deeper and monitor all your analytics in one place. With the correct information, you can promote your music where it matters most and gain new fans more easily.

  2. At Viberate, every artist – including you – gets a public music website (if your artist page is not in our database yet, we’ll add it). It’s professionally designed and automatically updated. By connecting at least one music channel, you’ll take control of your website, remove all banners, and add your contact buttons. You can start sharing it right away! It contains all the important information that music professionals, from event organizers to A&Rs, need when scouting or booking artists.

  3. Viberate also analyzes and ranks 12M+ playlists. You get access to the chart which you can narrow according to your genre, playlist type, career stage, etc., and reach out to Spotify playlist curators, most suitable for you. You can pitch your songs to 2,500+ verified curators directly from the platform and reach many more via external links.

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How much does Viberate for Artists cost?

Viberate for Artists which includes your music analytics and promo tools costs $2.99/month. For the first 7 days, you can try it out completely for free, no credit card is required. Go to pricing for details.

What kind of analytics will I be able to see?

With Viberate for Artists, you can monitor all your streaming and social stats in one place. All the data from the channels you connect is private to you. We’ll further analyze the data for you and add actionable information from the Viberate’s music analytics suite (e.g. your Spotify for Artists will only display your top 100 playlists while we will show you ALL of them). We’ll also automatically integrate public data from all your other music and social media channels in the same dashboard so you can have the full picture. We’ll be adding options to directly connect those channels as well.
Music channels covered: Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, and radio airplay. Coming soon: Amazon Music.
Social media channels covered: TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Which channels does Viberate's Artist Analytics cover?

On the social media side, we cover TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and X, and on the music side, we monitor Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, Deezer, Shazam, and Beatport. We also provide radio airplay sourced from over 24,000 radio stations worldwide.

Why is artist analytics important?

Artist analytics are a valuable source of information for every stakeholder in the music industry. Artists use them to track their social and music streaming data. Knowing which tracks did particularly well, or which social media posts resonated with fans, allows them to capitalize on their content. Keeping a close eye on similar artists enables them to learn from best practices.
A&Rs rely heavily on data when searching for breakthrough artists. Discovering them before everyone else requires not only a well-refined gut feeling but also a comprehensive in-depth analysis of both music and social media data. Bookers and talent buyers who aren’t always familiar with a venue or a region use fanbase breakdowns to find relevant acts for their genre and area.

How can music analytics help me?

One of the biggest benefits of music analytics tools is the complete overview of your performance, often in one dashboard. To monitor your performance, you previously had to collect all the data points from different social and streaming platforms by hand and analyze them in Excel – some labels are still doing that. Viberate saves you time and money by providing all the cross-channel analytics in one place. Data is translated into neatly visualized metrics that allow you to make informed decisions faster. Additionally, you can export it for further analysis, and personalize your dashboards for custom reports.

Why is Viberate better than other services offering music analytics for artists?

Compared to other music data analytics platforms, such as Chartmetric, Soundcharts, and Songstats, Viberate for Artists allows you to connect your music channels and access the most up-to-date and accurate analytics in one place.
This is the first tool of its kind, built especially for independent musicians. It also features data-driven promotional tools like Spotify playlist pitching and your always-updated music website. Best of all, you’ll get the best price on the market as Viberate’s mission is to make premium music analytics affordable for everyone in the music industry, including the artists.

Supercharge your music career without switching tools

Here’s your all-in-one artist workspace to monitor your releases and promote them where it matters.

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