Ooh-la-LA: Los Angeles’ Most Instagrammable Venues

Picture this: you’re in L.A., your outfit’s on fleek, the nightlife’s intense, and the streets are absolutely crawling with gorgeous people. What better occasion for some quality ‘grams, right?
Ooh-la-LA: Los Angeles’ Most Instagrammable Venues
Sara Mekinc

Well, with clubs-a-plenty, navigating to the ones that would best complement your current stunning looks could be challenging. Fear not – we’ve gathered some tips on the music venues with interiors that will not only impress your followers, but quite possibly draw in new ones, too.

Most kung-fu-esque: Blind Dragon Karaoke & Lounge

Looking like something straight out of a 1970s kung fu movie, this upscale karaoke bar and Dance floor delights and inspires by masterfully blurring the lines between kitsch, glamour, nostalgia, luxury, and street style. No wonder that celebs like Harry Hudson choose #blinddragon for their birthday bashes. From lanterns and neon signs to a Bruce Lee effigy, there’s too many details and photo-ops to count, but beware: the spot is really high-end, so put at least $350 on the side. 

Don your full metallic jacket for Blind Dragon LA!
Source: Instagram

From rocking out in a pirate ship to partying in a cemetery, L. A. never fails to provide something for someone.

Best in oddball: Redwood Bar and Grill

One of the most popular L. A. spots to see Rock, Punk, Heavy Metal, Rockabilly, Shoegaze and similar bands perform live is styled like a sunken pirate ship. Sure, why the hell not. It’s divey, it’s unpretentious and it always provides a buzzing atmosphere for your inner Jack Sparrow. Gig tickets usually revolve around $10, and judging by the more than 5,000 Instagram tags, there’s always someone worth catching onstage.

Billie Joe Armstrong & The Longshot performing at Redwood Bar and Grill.
Source: Instagram

Biggest in show: The Wiltern

Splendidly decorated and staying true to its original 1930s art deco design, The Wiltern is a magnificent theatre-slash-concert hall that hosts international bigwigs like Cigarettes After Sex, Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, and King Diamond. No wonder it’s been tagged over 70,000 times already. Elegant, colorful, and gasp-inducing: just what your timeline needs!

The Wiltern’s famed neon sign is a must-snap.
Source: Instagram

Most hypnotic: Exchange LA

Treat your eyeballs and camera shutter to striking visual sets in a club that gives out very Sistine-chapel-kinda vibes. Accompanying headliners like Boris Brejcha, UMEK, and A-Trak are stunning projections, lasers, smoke and other effects that capture the attention and imagination of even those clubbers who usually pay no mind to these sorts of things. No wonder this venue has not only produced over 370,000 #exchangela tags so far, but also made DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs list in 2018.

Nervo going all in in Exchange LA.
Source: Instagram

The darkest: Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Here’s a dark joke for you: if you want to cut down on noise complaints, why not put a club in a cemetery? That’s exactly what the owners of the famous Hollywood Forever cemetery did. The old Masonic Lodge became a cool midsize venue that gives big names like Depeche Mode, Chvrches, and Garbage a more intimate vibe, while the larger outdoor area hosts concerts, cinemas and shows. Dust off your black garments, check out the thousands of #hwdforever tags and set your camera to monochrome!

Hollywood Forever Cemetery: a perfect location to take Hozier to church?
Source: Instagram

Best in hedonism: Pour Vous

Combine L.A.’s art deco legacy with a 1920s Parisian burlesque bar and you’ve got yourself an evening at Pour Vous. Rolling out artisanal cocktails and various Jazz and Swing events, this upscale nightclub will impress with chic, velvety interior and attention to detail. Just mind the word “upscale”, dress up and claim one of the 30,000+ #pourvous tags for your own.

Fun tidbit: Pour Vous was the filming location for LP’s “Other People” music video.
Source: Instagram

There you have it. Happy snapping! If you’re dying to shine a spotlight on your favorite place, be sure to contribute to our list and help spread the word!



Cover photo: Tyler Nix (Unsplash)



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