Five Reasons Why Music Contributors Are the Heroes Behind the Scenes

Contribution – what is it good for? For a lot of things, actually, as the co-creators of Viberate's platform of artists, music venues, festivals, and events will tell you. We've narrowed it down to five reasons that serenade the unsung heroes of the music industry.
Music Contributors Are the Heroes Behind the Scenes
Urska Jaksa

1. Supporting favorite artists

Anybody who can't imagine a day without music probably has a soundtrack for wild nights, tear-wiping situations, chilling on a Sunday morning, and also some working mode jams. By contributing, music lovers can support the artists they cherish the most, and give them a leg up. Being represented by a complete Viberate profile might expose the artists to the people who matter. That's how contributors can leave a mark in the music industry, even if they might not know how to hold a guitar or harmonize to save their life. 

"One of the most beautiful parts of contributing is that you help artists grow," says Sandra Crespo, Viberate contributor from Venezuela. Her fellow countrywoman Gabriela Molina explains: "From the very beginning, I found working on such an ambitious database great; it is a monstrous and captivating project. On the other hand, a friendly work team has formed during this time, almost like a 'virtual family', so I identify with Viberate's vision. The feeling is super cool, it’s simply awesome when a famous artist claims their profile. The Chainsmokers are a good example."

Viberate contributor Gabriela Molina from Venezuela says: "The feeling is super cool, it’s simply awesome when a famous artist claims their profile. The Chainsmokers are a good example." 

2. Introducing new music 

When was the last time you discovered a new band, an artist that made you stop and listen to the songs on repeat? A lot of people don't really know where to go for new music and are caught in an endless loop of a couple of dozen songs and favorite artists that they can count on the fingers of one hand. But there are individuals out there who can make it much easier to expand one's music horizons. By adding new artists or editing existing profiles on, they ensure an artist people might like based on their preferences is recommended to them.


3. Helping local stars go big

Have you been listening to your local band jamming in the garage and found yourself thinking not: "Lord, save me from the noise!" but rather, "Man, there's something there. More people should hear it." Sometimes, musicians are well-known locally but can't break through to a wider audience. Music contributors make sure the local communities of musicians are well-represented, making it easier to be discovered. And if every local community is represented, the global music scene is well-mapped. Meaning artists from all over the world have a better chance of making it.

Viberate's music community includes contributors from more than 160 countries around the world, making sure local music communities are well-represented.

4. Bringing order to the music universe

Take your OCD for a walk: add new profiles and edit existing ones, so that mistakes on the platform don't burn your eyes. Our contributors agree that everyone who has an interest in music can work for Viberate, but there's another important ingredient: the passion for contributing to a bigger cause and the drive for research. 

Matej Kadensek, a Slovene living in Malta and one of Viberate's regular contributors, says: "It’s great if you’re interested in a particular field in the music industry – and then you continue researching. I started building a network of artists and it grew very fast. When the pool for the Electronic genre became full, I started exploring Metal bands. I realized how the system works, so it was smooth sailing for me. If you like this work, it’s not hard to switch to other genres."

Contribution is also a good starting point if you want to learn how the music industry works. "It makes you aware of how social networks are managed, among other things," says Gabriela. Sandra adds: "I studied medicine and I’m not a musician, but I always wanted to be a part of the music industry in some way. During my time with Viberate, I’ve learned so much about how everything is integrated: artists, agencies, and venues."


5. Putting all that music knowledge to use

There are a lot of people who like music, but there are some who LOVE it. If you know the music scene in and out, why not share that with others? That's what over 20,000 of Viberate's contributors around the world are doing. If you know the difference between Tech House and Techno artists, or if your blood boils when somebody mislabels a Thrash Metal band as Hard Rock, you could let people know and not make the same mistake again. You get the point, sharing is caring.

Viberate's contributors collect points and gather new badges for editing and adding new profiles. The best of them are featured in a Monthly Top 10 chart and rewarded with goodies, from merch to festival tickets. Some of them might even receive a call with a job offer to start collaborating professionally. For starters, here is the story of Camilo, Viberate's contributor gone pro.

"Viberate contributors are like the detectives who search for the information so that the whole project continues to grow," says Gabriela. To conclude in Sandra's words: "Viberate is going to change the music industry and also make it more accessible for fans, connecting them with artists and venues. Right now, more than ever, we need more contributors to help us grow the database. Everyone is more than welcome to join us."


You can join the music community and start contributing here.


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