Artist Management: Monitor and Find New Opportunities

If you're working in artist management, these neatly organized and visualized cross-channel analytics will transform how you manage and benchmark artists.

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Artist Management: Monitor and Find New Opportunities

Are you an artist manager? Data has been one of the strongest tools of the music industry in recent years and artist management is no exception. Artist analytics can help you save time and money on one hand and identify new business opportunities on the other.

Viberate is an analytics platform that maps, analyzes and ranks every musician out there and translates data across social and music channels into tools for efficient musician management. An artist manager can monitor the performance of artists on their roster plus identify potential markets, collabs, and promotional opportunities in one place. The same tools are also available for musicians who want to manage their own careers.

Using the artist management tools is simple. Let's check out the steps.

Monitor performance
Identify opportunities
Compare and improve
Plan collabs
Find the right playlists
Plan tours or find new gigs
Customize your process

Analytics can provide information for better business decisions in a day to day work of an artist manager. And they're now available for every industry professional, taking the guesswork out of management.

Aga Heller

Using stats to understand which songs are resonating, where people are listening to music, and how an audience is growing can be very helpful. We want to understand what happened; that's why it is essential to set up key metrics. They give us the chance to define performance criteria and analyze our strategies. A good data source helps us to understand the past and can guide our actions in the present.

Aga Heller, Managing DirectorFrills

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