Ukraine, Austria and Portugal Among Ten Most-Streamed Eurovision Semi-Finalists

If Spotify streams turned into votes, these countries might advance from Semi-Finals 1 this year.
These are the 10 Most-Streamed Eurovision Semi-Finalists
Sara Mekinc

With Europe's biggest song contest coming up, we looked at the available Spotify data to see which entries have the highest chance of advancing into the finals. Of course, data alone can't predict the winners - but it can give us an idea of how popular each contestant is in different countries and how that might translate into votes from those countries.

Which ten songs are streamed the most, and where?

The ten most-streamed songs competing in the first Eurovision Semi-Final are: “De Diepte” (S10, The Netherlands), “Give That Wolf a Banana” (Subwoolfer, Norway), “Stefania” (Kalush Orchestra, Ukraine), “Halo” (Lumix feat. Pia Maria, Austria), “Eat Your Salad” (Citi Zēni, Latvia), "Saudade, saudade" (Maro, Portugal), “Sentimentai” (Monica Liu, Lithuania), “Die Together” (Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord, Greece), “Sekret” (Ronela Hajati, Albania), and "Trenulețul" (Zdob și Zdub and Frații Advahov, Moldova).

Viberate data - top ten streamed tracks competing in Eurovision Semi-Finals 1

However, total streams aren’t everything. For example, the Dutch entry might have an impressive 11 million streams, but it's streamed in far fewer countries than the Albanian entry. Examining the number of streams and listeners from different countries, chances are good that the Ukrainian, Austrian and Portuguese entries will advance to the finals, as well as Lithuania, Greece and Albania.


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Now, let's look into languages and genres.

Viberate data - music genres and languages in Eurovision Semi-Finals 1

The first semi-final will be much more diverse in genres than the second. Ten different music genres will be represented, with Indie Pop taking the lead with 17%. We analyzed the data according to the genres and subgenres each artist performs in.

The first semi-final will also be more linguistically diverse. 53% of the contestants will be singing in English only, increasing to 83% in the second semi-final. 

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