What’s in It for the Music Fans?

We’re taking you on a tour of the Viberate features that will make your heart skip a beat: from putting your favorite artists on the map to partaking in the music revolution.
What’s in It for the Music Fans?
Urska Jaksa

First, give us a second to tell you how it all started. Viberate is a bunch of people who eat, breathe, and sleep music: some have built their career as managers, some have organized hundreds of live music events, and others are just devoted concert-goers. Imagine a spectrum ranging from “I play music for my plants and dogs only,” to playing in front of massive crowds (well, that’s UMEK, our resident Techno royalty). Through the years we’ve learned that even though technology gives musicians all the tools to grow their careers, getting the right opportunities is a whole ’nother thing.  👉 That’s how Viberate was born. 


If you’re just getting to know the platform, picture it as a place that brings together the music data that's scattered all over the internet. Viberate connects over a million profiles of artists, venues, festivals, and events into one global music platform. 


🎯 Our main goal: To help musicians and music pros showcase their work, discover one another, track their careers, and get ahead. 

This means all artists, major and underrated alike, are represented equally. Here's your chance to come through (even if you can't hold a tune) by editing and adding new pages to the platform. The engine behind Viberate is a community of music fans sharing their knowledge and walking the walk to change the music industry, one click at a time

It’s a fierce challenge if there ever were one. As it’s only fair, there are also pluses for music fans:

✔️ Helping your favorite artists, venues, festivals, and events stand out.

✔️ Supporting your local scene.

✔️ Getting recognized.

✔️ Learning and getting to know the music community.

✔️ Looking into the future of live music events.


➡️ Join Viberate’s music community and start contributing.


Let's take a closer look at the benefits.

#1: Helping your favorite artists, venues, festivals, and events stand out

By contributing to the platform, you’re putting them on the map, where they can be discovered by the people who matter. Zooming in on the artists: when starting, many of them don’t have the means to create their website. On Viberate, they get their own page, with links to all their social media channels and streaming sites, top-performing content, and events. 

There are two ways how you can contribute:

📋 follow our suggestions that you’ll find on your dashboard, or

🐯 go wild and freestyle by adding new and editing existing pages on your own.


If we borrow a quote from Camilo, Viberate Contribution Representative for Latin America, who started as a contributor himself:

“It's great to contribute and include talent, regardless if an artist is my cup of tea or not, following the notion that everybody has the right to be represented.”

#2: Supporting your local scene

Contributing is also a great way to promote your local music scene. If there’s a band you’re sure should make it from your neighbor’s garage to the mainstage, make sure to add it to Viberate, where other people in the industry can spot it too. With a simple filtering function, even the small bands have the opportunity to come into the spotlight. And when they make it, you can brag that you were among the first who recognized the diamond in the rough.

Here’s also a piece, describing just how important Viberate contributors are:

📌Five Reasons Why Music Contributors Are the Heroes Behind the Scenes


#3: Getting recognized

Viberate's contributors collect points and gather badges for editing and adding new pages of artists, venues, festivals, and events. You can monitor your activity, points, badges, accuracy, and rank on your dashboard, and check top contributors on our monthly chart. Those who stand out are rewarded with goodies, from merch to festival tickets and some of them are even invited to start collaborating professionally. As Camilo says:

“The best candidates for contributors are artists who are trying to make it, or people in the music industry who want to contribute to a bigger cause – not for the immediate reward.”

#4: Learning and getting to know the music community

“There's a tremendous amount of great music that you haven't discovered yet and you can find real treasures if you try,” says Ondřej, Viberate contributor, musician, record studio owner, and promotor of underground bands. Viberate allows you to take your music knowledge for a spin and discover new gems in the meantime. You also get some valuable insights into how the industry works. Here's all the information you need:

💡 Find out how contribution works in the Contribution Guide.

🎥 See tutorials for sharing your knowledge on Learn with Viberate.

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📣 Join our Discord channel and let's talk!


#5: Looking into the future

We’re all looking forward to the day when it’s safe to attend live music events and festivals again. This too shall pass and while we make sure that our favorite artists, whose shows we’re looking forward to the most, are well represented, we can also work on our ultimate festival bucket list. You can filter them by country, genre, size, and timeframe from around 5,000 festivals in Viberate’s database.


➡️ Join Viberate’s music community and start contributing.


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Urska Jaksa

Urska Jaksa

Managing Editor at Viberate
Storyteller with a nerd eye for music data. Believes in the healing power of group singing, while her ultimate cure are live shows.