Love Is in the Air, Artists Are Spotted – Meet Our First Contributor Couple

Let us introduce you to the first couple among the Viberate contributors, Astrid and Andrés. They ride together, they contribute together, and they took some time to present the Top 5 artists they've discovered in the process.
Love Is in the Air, Artists Are Spotted
Urska Jaksa

Music heroes of the month: Astrid and Andrés

Astrid and Andrés are students, “without a job and with a lot of free time”, as they would say. When they’re not watching Netflix, making desserts or playing video games, studying is unsurprisingly the most important thing on their agenda. Somehow, they’ve also found another activity to dedicate their free time to: “Andrés was the first to start contributing through a link he saw on Facebook. It caught my attention, and eventually I joined as well.”

“We like the world of music, so Viberate fit like a glove. Contributing has become a habit. We learn and discover something new about music every day. Currently the competition is fierce, many people contribute every hour and have made the task of positioning yourself at the top increasingly difficult.”

To anyone who doesn’t know Viberate yet, they would describe it as: “A music platform where you can find a page for any artist, with all their information and upcoming events, as well as venues where such musicians can perform. Plus, you can contribute and earn rewards.”

Top 5: Picks and thoughts

“During our contribution process we’ve discovered many artists. Below are some of the ones who've caught our attention or who we’ve liked the most.” It turns out that this also includes a heavyweight Hip Hop name that you've probably already seen on the big screen. What’s your best guess without scrolling further? 

Got it? Ok, let’s go.


1. Furbah

Furbah is a Spanish rapper. Andrés added him to Viberate as one of his first contributions. He’s not very famous, but he still has brutal lyrics and we love it. The song that we like the most is 'No Creo'.”

Source: Instagram

2. Juanes

Astrid added events for this Colombian artist before the pandemic happened. One of our favorite songs by him is 'Se Fue La Luz' ('The power went out'). It makes us laugh, because where we live, electricity really goes out at times. He’s a magnificent singer, recognized worldwide for his catchy songs.”

Source: Facebook

3. Bosque Perdido

We found this Mexican Pop Rock band while editing artists. They're not very well known, but we think they have a lot of talent and we usually listen to them to pass the time. One of their most recent songs is 'Al Mar', which takes some time to get going, but once the singing begins, it’s very relaxing and makes us feel incredible."

Source: Instagram

4. Ice Cube

Did you guess right? If yes, a self-high-five is in order. “We only knew him from two films, 'Are We There Yet?' and 'Are We Done Yet?', but while contributing, we discovered his Artist Page and realized that his acting career was somewhat secondary, since he’s mainly known for being a famous rapper with a great track record. You could say that we were living in the dark all through our short life.”

Source: Facebook

5. Lance Neptune

“We also discovered this artist by editing his page. He makes Electronic music, has chill beats and we’re into it.”

Source: Instagram

Start contributing now.


Summer is here and so is your playlist

“We mostly listen to Latin Pop and Reggaeton,” say Astrid and Andrés. “The music is usually playing while we’re contributing, and the songs that have been on our playlist the most recently are:”


1. Bad Bunny – Safaera: “Better known as 'Mami que tu quiere', aqui llego tu tiburón.' It’s part of Bad Bunny's album 'YHLQMDLG.' The song is controversial for its explicit lyrics and is a hit like almost any Bad Bunny song. We really like it.”

2. GreeicyNacho – Destino: “It's a very beautiful and romantic song, recorded by two of our favorite singers, Greeicy especially.”

3. Rauw Alejandro – Tattoo: “It's very catchy, it has an incredible rhythm. We argue whether the song says 'TATTOO' or 'ESTA TÚ', although the singer really says both.”

4. FeidJustin Quiles – Porfa: “It has a good vibe to share with your friends. Feid and J Quiles never disappoint us.”

5. Caibo ft. Nacho – Te Llevo En Mi Corazón: “We love this Venezuelan band and together with Nacho they made a great song.”

6. Voz Veis – Segundo Plato: “This song is simply beautiful, a shame that the band has disbanded.”


We would like to see Ice Cube jam to this selection of songs, but let’s leave something to the imagination. Anyways, grab a cocktail (do add some ice cubes, though) and take a breather to enjoy the playlist (just so we don’t totally lead you into bad decisions, can we suggest something in the mocktail realms of Safe Sex on the Beach?). 


The only trick up their sleeves

“If you want to earn a lot of points every day, you can do the following: Go to the 'Artists' section in the navigation bar, click on 'Filters' on List View or Grid View, search for a random name and click on the last one. You’ll get a list of artists you probably don’t know. Start going down the list and open the pages of each artist. Most are probably missing links to add. That is the only trick or secret we have.😉”


Astrid is also starring in our Contributor Spotlight this month, as she made it onto the Top 10 Contributors Chart and earned a “Legendary” badge. We guess their trick’s working. And if you’re scratching your head thinking, “What does it take to get there?”take a look.


If you aren't yet a part of the contribution community powering the future of music, join and start contributing now.


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