Lit, Litter, the Littest: Who Are the 10 Fastest-Rising Electronic Music Artists Right Now?

We're in that funny season when artists, fans and media are still wrapping up the past year, while festivals and clubs are already putting together their lineups for the coming fiestas, dropping hints about headliners, and looking for the next big thing to supercharge their programmes. Viberate to the rescue! We crunched the Instagram, Spotify and YouTube data to see which Electronic artists are blowing up right now, so read on to find out who you absolutely have to hear, see or book in 2020.
The 10 Fastest-Rising Electronic Music Artists Right Now
Daniel Sheppard

You don't have to be a mathematician to realise that of the ten fastest-rising Electronic music acts right now, one of them towers above the rest. Of course, we could do the obvious thing and save the best for last, but we're not like that. We're going to give YOU the choice. You can either read about who the absolutely hottest artist is and then go back to looking at cat videos or whatever, or you can read about who the absolutely hottest artist is and then READ ON to discover the other nine acts that are hot on their heels. Ready?

Though hype is growing fast around all of these artists, it's clear who the absolute winners are.

Ok, the fastest rising Electronic music act right now, the artists you absolutely have to hear, see live, or have at your festival in 2020, are…drum roll…Meduza! This Italian House trio didn't really exist a year ago, then blasted straight to the top with their 2019 summer hit "Piece of Your Heart" and its follow-up "Lose Control". The video for "Piece of Your Heart" has 30M views on YouTube and counting, their Instagram following has grown by 390% over the past six months, their Spotify fans by 920%, and their YouTube subscribers by almost 20 times. They're hands-down the hottest new kids on the Electronic block, and we can look forward to great things from them in the next year.

Ironically, for an act named after a monster that turned people to stone, Meduza have been getting dancefloors moving like crazy.

Yeah, you've heard this one, in a club or on the radio, and you'll probably hear it again soon.

Alright, with the absolute winners out of the way, let's see who else is lighting up the internet. First off, Instagram. Obviously, there's other factors in play on the 'Gram as well, not just music, but if anything, that makes it even more indicative of an artist's current standing in the world. Three acts have more than doubled their followings over the past six months. To start with, one-time Canadian Tech House duo Blond:ish. The act started as a duo more than 10 years ago and went solo under Vive-ann Bakos in 2019. The move apparently paid off, going by her social media – looking at her Instagram followers via Viberate's handy Music Network feature, we can see DiploRobin SchulzAdam Beyer, and Amelie Lens keeping an eye on her, among many others. You should probably do so as well.


Next up, Dance producer Geoxor from Greece. Googling him might turn up the blissful banger "Euphoria", or an interview from 2017, in which he says how he's too young to be booked anywhere, as he's just 15 years old. Well, guess what, it's 2019 now, Geoxor has come of age, and things are moving, slowly but steadily, not just on Instagram, but on Spotify and YouTube as well. Good on ya, kid!


The final Instadoubler is skull-headed Russian Vladimir Cauchemar, proponent of weirdly catchy Future Bass beats, sometimes with the help of a flute and/or notorious rapper 6ix9ine. Look, just watch the video and be glad you're not one of those suckers who stopped reading this article after Meduza. This is better than any cat video and is quite simply amazing.

This isn't even the weirdest video Vladimir Cauchemar has made. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Whew, that was some intense flutework. We don't know about you, but we could use a bit of a break, and thankfully, M¥SS KETA provides. Hypnotic Downtempo beats, sultry Italian vocals, and some serious Lady Gaga vibes are probably just a few of the reasons this Italian donna has doubled the number of her fans on both Instagram and Spotify over the past six months. Going by her Instagram network, the rest of the world still hasn't caught on to her, so if you're looking for the next big thing, this just might be it. After all, Lady Gaga is of Italian descent as well.

Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah, roma-roma-ma, it's in Itali-a…

There's one more Italian act on the list, Fideles. The Techno duo has been around since 2010 and has received support from some of the biggest labels in the business. They've been a Berlin mainstay for quite some time, but got an extra boost when they played in France for Cercle. 

Just look at that gorgeous scenery+music combo!

Our list of the fastest and the furiosest (yes, we know that isn't the right expression – but it should be!) features two more Techno acts, both from Germany: Héctor Oaks and Township Rebellion. The first is followed on Instagram by Techno queens Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens and Ellen Allien, while the second played Burning Man this year. You can't get any hotter than that, trust us.


Rounding off our top ten, we have Ukrainian Trance Miss Monique, a regular, hardworking and tireless performer around smaller venues over the past two years, including a stint around South America, and Frenchman Dabeull, whose deadly combo of sexy 1980s-inspired Funk and immaculately groomed facial hair had him doubling his following since June.

There comes a time when you mustache yourself: can I pull this look off? For Dabeull, the answer is a resounding yes.

See? We told you it'll be worth it to stick around till the end. Now get to listening, and don't be surprised when these ten acts start showing up all over the place next summer.


Cover photo: Dabeull. Source: Official Page


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