Apple Music Analytics:
Playlist Stats of 1M+ Artists

Analyze every artist's performance across nearly 100K Apple Music playlists and identify new opportunities with a data-driven chart. This, plus complete streaming & social analytics of 1M+ artists.

Apple Music Analytics: Playlist Stats of 1M+ Artists
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    New York UniversityBerkleeInsomniacRoskilde FestivalGEMAUnited MastersGlastonburyInternational Music Summit
Jay Gilbert

A must-have tool for managers, labels, agents and artists.”

Jay Gilbert, Co-founder, Label Logic

Top songs on Apple Music playlists

  • See how the artist’s songs are performing on Apple Music playlists. Best performing songs, number of featured songs over time, and more.
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Top songs on Apple Music playlists

Apple Music playlist tracker

  • Track how many playlists feature the artist’s songs and look into details: which playlists worked the best, when was the song added, where is it positioned, etc.
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Apple Music playlist tracker

Apple Music playlist adds and drops

  • Monitor daily adds and drops to and from Apple Music playlists.
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Apple Music playlist adds and drops

Find potential collabs with Apple Music data

  • Your shortcut to finding future collabs or booking artists for future events. Spot artists with a fanbase that shares the same taste in music.
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Find potential collabs with Apple Music data

See Apple Music curators featuring the artists

  • A list of curators that have featured the artist on their playlists.
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See Apple Music curators featuring the artists

Identify the most suitable Apple Music playlists

  • We’re ranking nearly 100k Apple Music playlists. Find the ones that match the artist’s genre and career stage, identify those featuring new music, etc.
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Identify the most suitable Apple Music playlists
That's not all!

Complete music analytics suite only $19.90/month

Included: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, SoundCloud, Radio Airplay, and more.

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Apple Music
Artist Analytics
Audience Demographic
Playlist Analytics

... and many more!

Chart with every ranking you need

See every musician and song ranked by Spotify (and other) stats – refreshed daily. Customizable by countries, genres, rank and follower range, "HOT" filter, etc. It's currently the most powerful chart on the market – check it out in the video.

Chart with every ranking you need

Start with ready-made templates  

Get started with analytics in 5 minutes or effortlessly switch from any other tool. Choose one of 20+ templates, created for different workflows and customizable for every company and team.

It’s simple, this is how it works.
Start with ready-made templates
Landen Rosenbloom
Landen Rosenbloom, Manager and A&R
Research United Masters
“What we find the most helpful using Viberate is the artist chart filter – searching by genre and geography, using the ‘hot’ filter, and especially capturing a specific range of Spotify monthly listeners and followers. Seeing socials integrated with streaming data is also really helpful because when we see an interesting spike, we want to know what happened, which Viberate shows.”
95% of users rate 5.0

“It's not easy to find all this data and metrics. You can use a lot of different tools and sources – or you can just work with Viberate.”

Aga Heller, Managing Director
Aga Heller
Managing Director, Frills Germany

“Love working with Viberate! It enables me to create data-driven reports for my artists and supports us when making marketing decisions.”

Gernot Müller, Music Marketing Consultant
Gernot Müller
Music Marketing Consultant,
Voltage Circus Germany

“I love the interface, I think it’s super straightforward. It’s very clean and it’s easy for us to find exactly what we need.”

Landen Rosenbloom, Manager & A&R Research
Landen Rosenbloom
Manager & A&R Research,
United Masters United States

“Amazing service, it gathers and compares all your socials in literally one page! In addition, super friendly & experienced personnel.”

Artist Ukraine

"When it comes to statistical data analytics, it's a game changer and a platform I anticipate I will be with for a very long time."

Angela Evans, Label Owner New Acid Planet
Angela Evans
Label Owner,
New Acid Planet Australia

“Viberate enables me to follow our entire roster in one place. By customizing my dashboard, I can easily access segments that are important to me, which takes away a lot of manual labor.”

Ina Veber, Label Manager
Ina Veber
Label Manager, 1605 Slovenia


Does Viberate provide Apple Music analytics?

It sure does. Viberate provides Apple Music stats on different levels. You can monitor the overall Apple Music performance of every musician in our database, and if you want to dig deeper, you can do so with track-level analytics. On the Artist Chart, artists can be ranked according to different Apple Music metrics. We also analyze and rank over 100k Apple Music playlists of different types.

How is Viberate better than Apple Music for Artists?

Your Apple Music for Artists is a valuable tool to monitor your own Apple Music stats. Next to that, Viberate also shows you how other similar artists are doing so you can see where you stand in comparison. We also analyze over 100k Apple Music playlists, so you can focus your efforts on the ones that best match your music.

Those on the A&R side can easily identify musicians that are breaking through on Apple Music and monitor the ones they don’t have access to via Apple Music for Artists.

How important are Apple Music stats?

Apple Music stats are very important. Despite the viral power of TikTok and currently prevailing status of Spotify, A&Rs still focus heavily on platforms where music is unaccompanied by a strong visual element and where its longevity power can be impartially assessed. With the second biggest market share among DSPs, Apple Music is undoubtedly a strong indicator of a musician’s overall music performance.