Spotify Top Artist: Navigate Music Charts with Viberate

Unveil the music industry's pulse with Viberate's Music Charts, find the Spotify Top Artist, and explore Popular Artists' performances effortlessly.
Spotify Top Artist: Navigate Music Charts with Viberate
Vasja Veber

In a world where music is the universal language, staying updated with the latest trends and emerging talents is crucial for every professional in the music industry. The realm of music charts offers a unique vista, providing a real-time pulse of the musical landscape. This data is invaluable for making informed decisions whether you’re a label owner, event organizer, or a passionate musician striving for the spotlight. But not all charts are created equal. Viberate steps in to elevate the standard with its meticulously designed charts, serving as a lighthouse for those navigating the stormy seas of the music world.


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Viberate’s Music Charts

 are engineered to furnish unbiased and daily refreshed rankings across a broad spectrum of categories including artists, labels, festivals, songs, and playlists. This robust analytical tool is not merely a static list, but an interactive hub that provides a deep-dive into the performance metrics of every artist globally, along with 58 million songs and beyond.

One of the standout features is the Interactive Artist Chart which ranks every artist based on their overall and channel-specific performance. A unique “HOT” filter identifies trending popular artists, making it easier to spot who’s making waves in the music ocean. The advanced A&R filters further refine search by genre, country, timeframe, and fanbase size, making it an invaluable tool for those in the hunt for fresh talent or the next Spotify top artist.


Personalization is at the core of Viberate’s offering. Users can tailor and save their charts via a user-friendly interface. The “Save” function allows quick access to charts with pre-selected filters, transforming Viberate into the ultimate tool for discovering new talent or pinpointing the perfect artists to book for your event.

Diving deeper, the Song Chart is a treasure trove of data ranking over 58 million songs by their performance across various channels including Spotify, YouTube, radio, Shazam, and SoundCloud. This, coupled with filtering options such as genre, release date, and performance in different timeframes, empowers professionals to sieve through the noise and find the melodies that resonate.

The Spotify Playlist Chart

further enhances the user experience by ranking over 12 million Spotify playlists. It's designed to assist in the simple discovery of playlists that match an artist’s music, with a “Playlist type” filter to isolate playlists curated by editorial teams, major labels, or indie creators.

In the realm of live music, the Festival Chart is a boon for festival aficionados and organizers alike. With over 6,000 festivals ranked in one comprehensive chart sortable by genre, country, festival size, and timeframe, it’s a breeze to gauge the popularity and lineup strength of each event.

The Label Chart is a haven for electronic music enthusiasts, ranking over 100,000 labels releasing on Beatport by their performance metrics. It’s an essential resource for assessing a label’s productivity and success rate, providing a clear picture of who’s who in the electronic music label domain.

Lastly, the curated 50+ Chart Picks section is a window into what’s trending worldwide. This section showcases “Top 100” charts across genres and channels, displaying top songs and artists on Spotify, and the most watched YouTube videos among other rankings.

Viberate Analytics: Professional music analytics suite at an unbeatable price: $9.90/mo. Charts, talent discovery tools, plus Spotify, TikTok, and other channel-specific analytics of every artist out there.


Viberate’s Music Charts is not just a service, but a companion for every music professional. Its vast array of features and data-driven insights is a testament to Viberate’s commitment to fueling the music industry’s evolution. In a rapidly changing musical landscape, having a reliable and powerful charting tool is not a luxury, but a necessity. And Viberate is here to ensure that every beat counts, every artist shines, and every decision is backed by data.

Vasja Veber

Vasja Veber

Founder & CBDO at Viberate
A music manager and a tech geek. Vasja is combining his two passions at Viberate, where his main mission as a co-founder is to tell music services that they need us desperately.