Spotify Top 100: Discover the Musical Elites Now!

Dive into the Spotify Top 100! Discover the latest hits, artists that are shaping music, and trending genres.
Spotify Top 100: Discover the Musical Elites Now!
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As music enthusiasts, we often wonder which artists are currently taking the lead on platforms like Spotify. Thanks to Viberate, the question of who dominates the Spotify Top 100 charts is now easily answerable. In today's article, we'll delve into Viberate's extensive analytics and explore the top 100 artists on Spotify. Let's take a tour!


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Spotlight on Spotify's Top Contenders

Based on Viberate's recent data, here are some of the artists who have been making waves with their enormous stream counts:

  • The Weeknd from Canada is a pop sensation with a whopping 330.7M streams.
  • Bad Bunny, representing Puerto Rico's Latin genre, boasts 182.3M streams.
  • American pop icon Taylor Swift has garnered 151.3M streams.
  • Olivia Rodrigo, another pop sensation from the USA, has 113.3M streams.
  • Drake, a hip-hop maestro from Canada, has accumulated 110.2M streams.

This list showcases the diversity of the music world, with artists hailing from all corners of the globe and representing various genres. From Jungkook of South Korea with 102.9M streams to Linkin Park from the USA with 65.5M rock streams, the variety is incredible.

The full list continues, covering a wide range of genres, countries, and fan bases. What’s clear is that music's global nature ensures artists from every background have a chance to shine.

Viberate: More than Just Basic Charts

For music professionals, such as record label execs, event organizers, and A&R specialists, charts are not just for curiosity—they are pivotal tools for discovery and talent acquisition. Viberate takes this to a whole new level by offering more than just "basic" charts. Here's a brief overview:

  • Interactive Artist Chart: This chart features every artist globally, ranked by performance both overall and channel-specific. There's even a “HOT” filter to spotlight trending artists and advanced A&R filters that allow sorting by genre, country, timeframe, and fanbase size.
  • Tailor and Save Your Charts: Viberate provides a customizable interface, letting you tailor charts to your preferences. You can even save them for quick access later, making it the ultimate tool for discovering fresh talent or booking artists for events.
  • Song Chart: Ever wondered how 58M+ songs rank? This chart sorts them by their performance on various platforms, from Spotify and YouTube to radio and SoundCloud. There are multiple filters available, providing a detailed insight into each song's performance.
  • Playlist Chart: With over 12M+ Spotify playlists, this chart ranks them based on followers and songs. It's an excellent tool for artists looking to feature their music on suitable playlists.
  • Festival Chart: From smaller local events to global music festivals, discover 6K+ festivals ranked in a single chart. It's sortable by various metrics, ensuring you find the best fit for your taste.
  • Label Chart: Focusing on Electronic labels releasing on Beatport, this chart ranks over 100K labels based on performance, giving a unique view of the electronic music world.
  • 50+ Curated Chart Picks: The editorial team handpicks these charts, showcasing what’s trending globally. From the top songs on Spotify to the most-watched YouTube videos, you're always in the know.
Viberate Analytics: Professional music analytics suite at an unbeatable price: $9.90/mo. Charts, talent discovery tools, plus Spotify, TikTok, and other channel-specific analytics of every artist out there.


With the music industry's constant evolution, platforms like Viberate become essential for professionals and enthusiasts alike. They not only offer insight into the Spotify Top 100 but also provide an array of tools and charts that can significantly influence decisions in the music world. So, whether you're an artist, a talent scout, an event organizer, or simply a music lover, Viberate has something to offer. Dive in and discover the music world's intricate layers.

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