Sell Your Music on Beatport & Optimize Performance

Discover how to sell your music on Beatport effectively and optimize performance with Viberate's powerful analytics.
Sell Your Music on Beatport & Optimize Performance
Miha Vidmajer

In today's digital era, the music industry has significantly transformed towards online distribution. Among several online platforms, Beatport emerges as a leading platform specifically for electronic music artists and labels. As an artist or a label, understanding and navigating this platform may seem challenging. However, with the right tools and knowledge, Beatport can become a crucial avenue for your success. This comprehensive guide aims to assist you in effectively selling your music on Beatport and utilizing Viberate's analytics features for optimizing your performance.


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How to get your music to Beatport

In the world of electronic music, Beatport stands as a monumental platform, featuring millions of tracks across diverse genres. It's a digital agora where artists and labels from around the globe gather to showcase their work, gain exposure, and generate sales. So, how can you, as an artist or label, ensure your music lands on Beatport and stands out from the rest?

To deliver your music to Beatport, you will need to go through a distributor. Beatport has built robust relationships with a multitude of distributors worldwide. You can choose one that best fits your needs and request them to include Beatport in your feed.

But that's only half the journey. The next step is setting up your sales parameters, ensuring your music is mastered professionally and meets Beatport's high-quality standards. Write engaging, captivating track descriptions and select the most relevant genres to enhance your music’s visibility. Remember, optimizing your Beatport profile will create a stronger connection with your audience, heightening the chances of your music being discovered and purchased.

The Role of Beatport for Labels

For labels, Beatport offers an exclusive opportunity to release music, thereby augmenting their visibility and credibility in the electronic music industry. As a label, you can not only promote your own music but also help emerging artists make their mark. However, to effectively use Beatport for labels, you need to understand your label's performance. This is where Viberate's analytics features step in, turning data into actionable insights.

Harnessing Viberate's Analytics for Beatport Performance

Viberate offers a comprehensive overview of your Beatport performance in a single metric. The platform features a dynamic speedometer that measures your or your label's performance compared to others in the industry. It presents a clear picture of your position in the market and how you stack against the competition. 

Additionally, Viberate provides a list of similarly ranked artists or labels, offering a broader perspective of your competitive landscape. By understanding how you compare to your peers, you can better strategize your marketing efforts and target areas for improvement.

Performance Tracking Over Time

One of Viberate's key features is its ability to track performance over time. It presents a timeline that showcases your or your label's popularity on Beatport. This timeline provides a detailed picture of your career's highs and lows, highlighting the factors contributing to your successes.

Further, it charts out a career trajectory based on Viberate points. This unique feature allows you to foresee potential growth areas, helping you set realistic and achievable goals for the future.

Your Place on Beatport #100 Charts

Beatport #100 charts represent the most popular tracks on the platform. Your position on these charts plays a critical role in evaluating your music's reach and success. Viberate ensures you have the most up-to-date insights by syncing data from Beatport every day. These insights include a view of the number of plays your tracks have garnered, enabling you to gauge audience response directly from the analytics dashboard.

Diving Deeper into Track Performance

Track performance is another key component of Beatport analytics provided by Viberate. It presents detailed insights into all your tracks, sorted by their performance. By analyzing stats over time, you can visualize your growth trajectory – from your days on the Beatport #100 chart to the present. 

Insights into Label Performance

Viberate's label overview and insights tool is a godsend for labels aspiring to maximize their potential on Beatport. It provides a comprehensive list of labels the artist has released on, complemented with a performance analysis of each. By understanding the performance of each label releasing on Beatport, you can make data-backed decisions about future releases.

Artist Collaborations and Their Impact

Collaborations play a crucial role in an artist's career. Viberate offers an overview of an artist’s collaborations, providing data about collaborating artists sorted by rank and genres. By understanding the patterns of successful collaborations, you can explore similar opportunities for growth.

Exploring Genre Distribution

Viberate's genre distribution feature offers a bird's-eye view of released tracks across genres, presenting insights into how the artist’s or label’s body of work has evolved over time. This feature can be instrumental in identifying the most successful genres and tailoring your strategic planning for future releases accordingly.

Overview of Beatport Charts

Finally, Viberate provides a comprehensive overview of Beatport charts ranking artists, labels, and tracks. With unbiased rankings covering over 80K+ artists, 3.5M+ tracks, and 50K+ labels, updated daily, you gain an unparalleled perspective into the dynamic pulse of the music industry.

Viberate Analytics: Professional music analytics suite at an unbeatable price: $9.90/mo. Charts, talent discovery tools, plus Spotify, TikTok, and other channel-specific analytics of every artist out there.


In conclusion, using Beatport effectively to sell your music and comprehensively understanding your performance using Viberate's Beatport analytics is crucial in today's digital music landscape. With these tools at your disposal, you are empowered to make data-backed decisions and steer your music career or label towards sustained success. Remember, success in music is a combination of creating excellent tracks, strategic distribution, effective promotion, and understanding your audience. Beatport and Viberate equip you to master all these elements. So why wait? Begin your journey today, and leverage the power of data to transform your music journey.

Miha Vidmajer

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