Maximize Sales: How to Sell Music on Beatport

Discover how to get music on Beatport with our comprehensive guide, from choosing distributors to leveraging Viberate's analytics for success.
Maximize Sales: How to Sell Music on Beatport
Kristian Gorenc Z

Introduction to Beatport

Established primarily as a hub for the electronic music genre, Beatport stands out as a pivotal channel for music sales. For both emerging and established musicians, understanding how Beatport works is crucial. The platform allows artists and labels to gain visibility, make significant sales, and establish a robust presence in the electronic music industry.


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Getting Your Music on Beatport

So, how does one go about the process of understanding how to get music on Beatport?

Choose a Distributor: Beatport doesn’t allow individual musicians to directly upload their music. Instead, you must select a distributor from the numerous worldwide distributors that Beatport has partnered with. Once you've chosen a distributor that aligns with your needs, ensure they include Beatport in their distribution channels.

Quality is Key: After selecting your distributor, you're halfway there. Your next priority should be ensuring that your music is of the utmost quality. It's not just about the music but also the mastering. It has to meet the high standards set by Beatport.

Optimize Your Profile: Think of your profile as your storefront. A catchy track description and accurate genre tagging can make all the difference. Your profile doesn’t just represent your music, but it's a bridge to your audience. The better optimized it is, the more chances there are of someone discovering and purchasing your tracks.

Understanding Beatport for Labels: If you're a label, Beatport extends an exclusive opportunity to not only highlight your music but also that of emerging artists. By promoting your artists and understanding how to sell music on Beatport, you can further enhance your credibility and reach within the industry.

Viberate's Role in Enhancing Your Beatport Performance

As an artist or label, your journey doesn't end with just understanding how to get music on Beatport. To truly succeed and stand out, you must leverage analytics. This is where Viberate's analytics come into play.

Beatport Analytics by Viberate: A Brief Overview

Viberate offers comprehensive analytics for both musicians and labels on Beatport. Let's delve into what this includes:

Beatport Performance in One Metric: At a glance, artists and labels can gauge their Beatport performance. This is visualized through a speedometer that contrasts your performance with others. You can also monitor your Beatport rank and the changes over time. Additionally, Viberate offers insights into musicians or labels with similar rankings.

Performance Over Time: Track your growth and popularity on Beatport over different timelines. Viberate points offer a unique insight into your career trajectory, highlighting moments of success.

Position on Beatport #100 Charts: Every day, data from the Beatport #100 charts is synced. This gives a real-time overview of where your tracks rank.

Track Performance: Dive deeper into individual track performance. You can see which tracks outperform others, how long they've been on the Beatport #100, and even compare their performance to the industry average.

Label Overview and Insights: For labels, Viberate breaks down performance data, offering insights into the different artists under the label and the genres they primarily deal with.

Artist Collaborations: View insights on artist collaborations, ranked by their performance on Beatport.

Genre Distribution: Understanding which genres work best for an artist or label is crucial. Viberate's genre distribution analytics offers insights into this.

Beatport Chart Rankings: Daily updated rankings for artists, tracks, and labels, ensuring you're always up to date with the latest trends.

Viberate Analytics: Professional music analytics suite at an unbeatable price: $9.90/mo. Charts, talent discovery tools, plus Spotify, TikTok, and other channel-specific analytics of every artist out there.


Understanding how to sell music on Beatport and how to get music on Beatport are two sides of the same coin. While the former helps you generate revenue, the latter aids in gaining visibility. And with tools like Viberate’s analytics, you're armed with actionable insights to enhance your presence and performance on Beatport. Stay informed, stay ahead.

Kristian Gorenc Z

Kristian Gorenc Z

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