Your Music Career Starts on Social Media: Track It All Right Here

See key Tik Tok, Instagram and other insights for artists, packed and ready to go.
Your Music Career Starts on Social Media: Track It All Here
Miha Vidmajer

Social media is a career trampoline for the musician who knows how to use it. Think Shawn Mendes, or, more recently, Lil Nas X (we covered his approaches in this article).

While social media is fun, it’s also serious business. To get their big break, artists need to be skilled in understanding what content their fans engage with and how to grab the attention of other music professionals. They – like label managers, for instance – alternatively look for artists who can bring new audiences to the table, grow existing fandoms, and generate track and ticket sales.

Here’s where Viberate comes in. Our new Social Media tab (replacing the “Audience” tab) combines all the key stats and metrics for artists’ Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles, providing crucial insights for artists, their managers, labels, A&Rs, and even promotors.

Viberate social media analytics

Compared to other platforms, Viberate tracks and analyzes the most data, so you’ll get the clearest picture of how – and what – an artist is currently doing on their social media:

➡️ visualized performance to better evaluate career trajectory,

➡️ insights into audiences: age, gender, location map providing useful marketing info,

➡️ powerful and telling stats: follower growth through time, fan engagement, and industry averages,

➡️ top-performing social media content, ranging from specific posts to the hashtags used,

➡️ standout industry mentions and connections with other artists and festivals.

Viberate social media statistics for TikTok Facebook Instagram

Getting the most relevant data isn’t even the best part, though. What makes Viberate’s social media analytics really stand out is translating this data into visual insights you can understand and use. For example, stats like “views through time” are complemented with info on industry averages, providing the necessary context for anyone wondering how well an artist is doing compared to their peers. The platform also makes it easy to examine said peers, study their content, and search for ideas to improve existing social media strategies.

If social media is a playground, data is the best thing you can bring along to make the most of it. If you’re new to analytics, give Viberate a go free of charge.    

Miha Vidmajer

Miha Vidmajer

Product Manager at Viberate
Product manager who likes his music loud, his festivals crowded & his data organized. Playing every board game like it was his last one