What's Career Health, Anyway?

In short, it's a section that allows you to check an artist's 90-day performance on social media and music channels, and see how strong their music network is in an easy-to-understand "poor, fair, good" manner.
What's Career Health, Anyway?
Urska Jaksa

Career Health reviews: 

🤳Social Media Performance, which is an aggregated metric of an artist’s social media fanbase size and engagement on Instagram and Twitter.

📻 Music Channel Performance, which measures the activity an artist gets on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam, and SoundCloud.

🕸️ Network Respect, which indicates the strength of an artist's music network. It's determined by the number and popularity of the other artists following them on Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud. So, if an artist is followed by other artists who rank high, this has a positive impact on their overall Network Respect.

To make it fair, an artist is only compared to similarly ranking peers in the same subgenre. The goal of artists is to keep the indicator in the green area, which reflects good performance.

HOW TO USE IT: Look for the indicator in the green area and be aware of different combinations. You'll notice a difference between breakthrough acts, superstars, and social media stars. Let’s look into different combinations of indicators and break them down with examples.

1. Superstar act

All the indicators for well-established acts with a loyal fanbase are usually stable and in the green.

Coldplay are a well-established act with a loyal fanbase, so all their indicators are stable, as is usually the case with huge artists (if you dig deeper, you’ll also find an increase in monthly engagement in November 2019, when they released an album).

2. Breakthrough act

If an artist's Music Channel Performance is in the green, it's most likely they've recently released something that went viral. In this case, Social Media Performance is usually a lagging indicator, because it takes some time for the fans to check the Artists' social media profiles. The same goes for Network Respect, because they have to build their Social Media Performance before bigger Artists notice them and press the almighty “Follow”.

SAINt JHN is a good example of a breakthrough artist: his Music Channel Performance is in the green, as he recently released something that went viral and got a lot of streams. Kazakhstani DJ/producer Imanbek remixed his song “Roses”, published in 2016, and breathed new, upbeat Electronic life into the track. SAINt JHN posted the remix to YouTube in September 2019 and has garnered 164M views to date. His Social Media Performance and Network Respect, on the other hand, still lag.

3. Social media stars 

That's somebody who's winning on social media, while not performing as well on music channels. 

Here's an example: Swedish DJ and producer Salvatore Ganacci, who scored gigs at the biggest Electronic festivals in 2019. He has the strongest following on Instagram, where his wild humor (evident in tracks like "Boycycle” and “Horse”) resonates with his fanbase the most.


To further explore an artist's social media performance, check the fanbase and content sections of their page, to see what's behind the music channel performance, check the fanbase, audience, and music sections, and to dive into network respect, check their artist connections in the network section. Here’s the article that will help you do that:

📌 Learn About the Artists Through Their Stats



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