What Analytics Does YouTube Provide? Dive in with Viberate!

What analytics does YouTube provide for artists? Dive into Viberate's comprehensive guide and enhance your video strategies effortlessly.
What Analytics Does YouTube Provide? Dive in with Viberate!
Miha Prebil

YouTube is an influential platform that provides a plethora of analytics on their dashboards, tailored for general video analysis. However, when you're a musician aiming to decode intricate details of your audience's preferences, what analytics does YouTube provide that specifically cater to your needs? Enter Viberate's YouTube analytics, a tool engineered for artists and their teams.


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Viberate's Edge in YouTube Analytics

Gone are the days of toggling between different platforms to get the numbers you need. Viberate streamlines audience metrics, making the interpretation simpler and action-focused. With Viberate, the objective is not just to provide data but to empower artists with actionable insights and innovative strategies to escalate engagement and views.

Decoding Career Health on YouTube

Viberate highlights two critical parameters for an artist:

  • YouTube Performance: Visualized as a speedometer, your primary objective is to keep this indicator in the green area. It suggests that your videos are performing better than those of artists in a similar ranking.
  • YouTube Artist Chart Rank: Green arrows signify a rank improvement, red arrows indicate a decline, while grey arrows mean a stagnant position. Your aim? Always be in the ascent.

To fine-tune strategies, explore the analytics of similar artists. Delve into their video content and promotional tactics on music and social media channels. This exploration can offer fresh perspectives and adaptive strategies.

Mastering the Craft with Signature YouTube Videos

Top 3 Videos: Viberate showcases an artist's top three videos both of all time and from the past month.

How to Use this Data? By maintaining an overview of your top 100 videos, you can discern patterns. Do your top videos have a common theme, visual aesthetic, or promotional strategy? Such insights can be pivotal for future content strategies. For instance, examining “1-month” or “7-day views” helps gauge the success rate of your latest releases, while the “12-month views” offer a yearly performance snapshot.

Additionally, if an older video unexpectedly performs well, consider repackaging it with fresh content to boost its visibility.

YouTube Video Views and Likes: The Pulse of Your Content

Viberate offers a detailed breakdown of views and likes across different time frames. Recognizing when your content's performance improved can offer hints about which strategies or promotional activations worked. An upward trendline is always a welcome sign.

Maximizing Reach with YouTube Views by Channel

Understanding the distribution of your views across different YouTube channels can significantly influence your content strategy.

How to Optimize? A pie chart visualization helps in recognizing channels where most successful videos were uploaded. It might be your personal channel, a label's channel, or some other. This knowledge can be instrumental in determining where to upload future content.

Localizing Strategy with YouTube Views by City and Country

For a musician, knowing cities and countries where they are popular can dramatically influence tour plans and promotional strategies. Viberate’s analytics allow artists to:

  • Identify cities with the highest monthly views.
  • Recognize potential cities for future gigs.
  • Strategize for online promotional campaigns based on country-specific viewership.

Official Channel Analysis: An In-Depth Look

Viberate offers a meticulous breakdown of new subscribers, total subscribers, and monthly views over time. Recognizing spikes in subscriber count or views can hint at which content strategy clicked with the audience. Furthermore, understanding the geographic distribution of subscribers can reshape tour plans, gig pitches, and online advertising strategies.

Viberate Analytics: Professional music analytics suite at an unbeatable price: $9.90/mo. Charts, talent discovery tools, plus Spotify, TikTok, and other channel-specific analytics of every artist out there.

In conclusion

While YouTube offers a vast array of analytics, Viberate fine-tunes it for musicians, offering a goldmine of actionable insights. Embrace Viberate's YouTube analytics, stay informed, adapt, and watch your music resonate across the globe.

Miha Prebil

Miha Prebil

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