Welcome “Home”: A More Tailored Platform Experience

Let’s get more personal with the updated Home dashboard.
Welcome “Home”: A More Tailored Platform Experience
Miha Prebil

You know that feeling when you step into your favorite bar and you’re greeted by name, drink of choice, and dope tunes? Yeah, such memories are a bit blurry for us too after all these months spent indoors, but still, you know what we’re talking about. Because that’s what we went for when designing the Viberate dashboard, a.k.a. the “Home” page.

Once you register on the platform, your “Home” will include the stuff that matters the most to you. While waiting for the Feed to arrive, you’ll be able to:

➡️ stay on top of your Favorite Artists and Festivals,
➡️ review your Pages at a glance,
➡️ easily monitor your Contribution,
➡️ browse for new ideas, such as recently hot Artists and recommended content.

Let’s dig in.

Stay on top of your Favorite Artists and Festivals

The “My Favorites” section will list the Pages you select as favorites and give you a quick overview of their online popularity. You’ll see their current rank on the Viberate charts and their “hot” tags, and clicking on each card will, of course, take you to their full Page. There, a more detailed data analysis is available to Premium plan users.

Review your Pages at a glance

Once you claim your own Page or the Page of the Artist / Festival / Venue you represent, you’ll see its basic engagement analytics neatly displayed in the “My Pages” section.

Artist Pages will display visualized engagement data for the main social media and music channels, while Festival Pages will list the notable (Artist) mentions of your Festival.

Easily monitor your Contribution

The entire Viberate platform is completely crowdsourced and carefully curated. The new interface makes your adding process even smoother and more transparent, and our support team is always close by should you need any assistance. Do also check out the revamped settings section for additional platform functionalities. You can access it by clicking on your profile in the menu bar.

Browse for new ideas and recommended content

To stay on top of the artists making waves and learn about useful new “hacks”, keep an eye out on the “recommended” sections of the dashboard. There, you’ll find the artists currently “hot” on Spotify, radio airwaves and Viberate charts, while the articles will help you navigate both the platform and the industry better.

Again, these features are available to all registered users. If you want to dig deeper into music stats (and who doesn’t? 😉), opt for the Premium plan, which you can test-drive for free.

Miha Prebil

Miha Prebil

CPO at Viberate
Digital product enthusiast who turns chaos into order. Passionate about new tech. World traveller with a curious mind and music always playing in the background.