Viberate PRO Webinar: Walking You Through the Cases

For everybody who tuned into the Viberate PRO Webinar on Tuesday (and for those of you who might have missed it), here's a couple of the cases that we explained. Plus, a video to keep it fresh.
Viberate PRO Webinar: Walking You Through the Cases
Urska Jaksa

1. What happens when Curtis Roach is “Bored in the House” 

We’re starting with the case of an artist going viral. In the beginning of March, Curtis Roach posted a TikTok Video, “Bored in the House”, because he was (you guessed it) bored in the house. The video caught fire with millions (!) of people who could relate lip-syncing to it. Among the many who noticed it was fellow rapper Tyga, which led to a collab, posted to YouTube in the end of March. 

The attention Curtis got also spilled over to other social media and streaming channels, as seen in the graph of his Career Performance below. It shows the Viberate popularity points, which combine data from social and streaming channels in one metric, through time.

2. Checking Career Health with SAINt JHN and Coldplay

SAINt JHN is the perfect example of a breakthrough artist. Looking at his Career Health, his Music Channel Performance is in the green, as he had recently released something that went viral and got a lot of streams. In this case, Social Media Performance is usually a lagging indicator, because it takes some time for the fans to check the artist's social media profiles. The same goes for Network Respect, because you have to build your Social Media Performance before prominent musicians notice you and press the almighty “Follow”.

On the other side is Coldplay, a well-established act with a loyal fanbase. All their indicators are stable, as is usually the case with huge artists (if you dig deeper, you’ll also find an increase in monthly engagement in November 2019, when they released an album).

3. Smelling the remixed “Roses” with SAINt JHN

Let’s take the example of SAINt JHN further. You know when a remix is more famous than the original song? That’s basically how SAINt JHN exploded. Kazakhstani DJ/producer Imanbek remixed his song “Roses”, published in 2016, and breathed new, upbeat Electronic life into the track. Though the original is far from shabby, SAINt JHN's engagement blasted off with the remix. He posted it to YouTube in September 2019 and has garnered 112M views to date. Riding the wave with other releases and the official video in March for an additional boost, his monthly engagement has been visibly on the rise. 

In the graph below, you see that his fanbase size is still in the “breakthrough artist” stage. Monthly engagement has been constantly higher than the total fanbase size (which indicates a particularly engaged audience), and started to blow up when the remix gained momentum on social media and streaming sites. 

On the other hand, we can take a look at an artist who ranks close to him according to Viberate popularity, but has been on the scene for a while. Ciara’s fanbase is much bigger and even though she’s a strong artist with an upward trend, her monthly engagement is lower than her total fanbase size.

For a proper introduction to Viberate PRO and more cases, check out the Viberate PRO webinar in the video below: 

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Urska Jaksa

Urska Jaksa

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