Understand Every Spotify Statistic and Get a Million Streams

Follow these 3 simple steps to grow your audience and track key statistics on Spotify.
Understand Every Spotify Statistic and Get a Million Streams
Sara Mekinc

If you’ve ever gotten around to examining any statistics on Spotify, one thing must have been clear immediately: you’ll need to work hard to get enough streams to earn your first dollar. In fact, you’ll need as much as 1M streams to earn an average US salary.

Spotify statistics show you’ll be competing with over 70M tracks and thousands of playlists, so staying on top of your own data as well as global Spotify stats is essential. To help make the job easier, we’ve compiled a short roadmap.

Follow these steps to better understand Spotify statistics and grow your audience. Let’s break down each step.

#1 Make the most of your Spotify profile, uploads and online presence.

Getting a million streams starts by creating an attractive profile and uploading high-quality tracks.

First, set up your “Spotify for Artists” account. Become verified and get that blue checkmark next to your name. By doing so, you’ll also be able to pitch your tracks directly to Spotify and monitor your Spotify statistics more easily.

Add professional-looking photos and track covers. Personalized profiles work better, as attractive visuals will boost your credibility and separate you from the “lazy” artists out there. Keep your profile updated and feature your latest content, as this will engage Spotify’s algorithms.

Keep your bio updated. Tell people who you are and what you’re about. Include your release info, upcoming gigs, press coverage and accolades. Link to your official website and/or Viberate page.

Creative Spotify bio example: The Heavy Eyes

You can also go down the more creative route, like The Heavy Eyes did. Funny descriptions can get people talking about you, which is always a good idea. 

Produce and upload at least 5 high-quality tracks. That’s how many tracks appear under “Popular” when someone accesses your artist profile on the Spotify app. Don’t count on getting to 1M streams immediately – rather focus on doing the most with what you have.

Upload new tracks regularly. Spotify wants listeners to spend as much time on the platform as possible. Uploading regularly can help you get picked up by the algorithms and boost your Spotify stats.

Include links to your social media. They’ll appear in the About section. Instagram is the most important one right now, followed by Facebook and Twitter. Include your Wikipedia page, if you have one, as it makes you look professional.

When listeners check you out – and they will – you’ll want to look professional across all channels, so do spend some time on uploading recent content everywhere.

 #2 Study key user statistics on Spotify to plan your promotion

When it comes to growing your audience, the number of listeners and followers isn’t the only Spotify statistic you should be paying attention to.

Regularly check global Spotify stats to understand trends and opportunities. Start with these:

$0.006 – $0.0084 per stream is the amount you’ll receive if your Spotify track is played for a minimum of 30 seconds. This means your track will perform better if you grab your listener’s attention within the first seconds of the track. Focus on uploading and promoting your “catchiest” songs.

To put things in perspective: you’ll need 1M streams to earn an average US salary on Spotify.

50% of Spotify’s 20 most followed playlists are personalized. Playlists are one of the main music discovery tools, so you’ll need to pitch your music to playlist curators in order to reach more listeners. Look to this article for handy industry tips.

18–34 years is the main age group of Spotify users. 26% of listeners are under 24 years old. Remember this statistic when you’re setting up targeted ads.

55% of users register on Spotify with their Facebook accounts. Use Facebook (and Instagram) in your promotion to drive those listeners to your Spotify profile. Check out this article for detailed how-tos.

Europe is Spotify’s #1 region, followed by the United States. This statistic can be helpful when you’re thinking about the audiences and languages your promotion should target.

Hip Hop is the most popular genre on Spotify, representing 31% of all streams according to the user statistics. Take some time researching popular genres, the playlists presenting them, and how your music could fit into them.

#3 Easily monitor Spotify stats by using music analytics

Diving into every statistic on Spotify takes considerable time and effort. You might consider trying a tool that helps you save on both. With Viberate’s Spotify analytics, you can track and examine your own Spotify stats along with those of other artists releasing on Spotify – all in one place.

All your key Spotify performance statistics are neatly visualized. You can easily track your popularity through time, see where your audience is coming from, examine your playlist performance and compare your Spotify stats with other artists.

Give it a go and see what music data can do for you. Start your free trial here.


  • Create and maintain an attractive Spotify profile.
  • Upload at least 5 high-quality and catchy tracks.
  • Regularly study key user statistics on Spotify to effectively plan your promotion.
  • Look into Spotify statistics, such as age group, playlists, popular genres and listening time.
  • Use Viberate’s Spotify analytics for performance insights and trends.
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