The Most Complete YouTube Artist Analytics Have Arrived on Viberate

See video stats across all of YouTube, not just the official artist YouTube channel.
The Most Complete YouTube Artist Analytics Have Arrived
Miha Vidmajer

With so many popularity insights readily available today, it's practically a sin not to use them. Only on Viberate will you get a truly comprehensive overview of each artist’s performance, as the all-in-one analytics tool now includes detailed YouTube artist analytics and charts.

Let’s check out the main highlights.

Get to know an artist through their YouTube stats

Viberate's YouTube Analytics are a great way to get a feeling for how well an artist is doing on YouTube. Simply click on the tab on the artist’s page and start exploring.

First, there's the Career Health and Signature Videos sections. These are kind of like a short CV – you'll see if YouTube is the artist's strong suit (as always, green means »yes«), which videos they're most known for, and which artists they rank similarly to.

Then, you'll probably be interested in basic metrics, such as YouTube channel subscribers, views and likes. Both subscriber numbers (new and total) and video views are neatly visualized, letting you evaluate the artist's performance at a glance.

As for top-performing videos and their views and likes – you’ll get them all in one place, as our YouTube Analytics cover both the official artist YouTube channel and other YouTube channels the artist's videos are posted in.

Yes, you've read that right: we go beyond the official artist channel.

Monitor videos across all YouTube channels and spot potential

Sometimes, signature tracks “bypass” the artist’s official popularity numbers because the video is posted in a record label’s channel, or, as seen in Kimbra’s example above, on another artist’s official YouTube channel. But the track’s impact still counts. That’s why we've made sure we can monitor an artist's videos across YouTube and show which channels feature the most viewed ones.

You can sort an artist’s top 100 YouTube videos section by channel, yearly/monthly/weekly views, total views or upload date to really get into the details. You can also examine non-official channels to spot promotional potential (for example, find and engage top fans to increase reach) or interesting new talent, as channels tend to feature artists with similar vibes.

Touring plans and promotional efforts made easier

Want to see where the views are coming from and when? Easy – just check the audience demographics. The stats on video views across time are complemented by Monthly views by City and Country, displaying the hotspots around the globe.

There are also basic audience insights into the age and gender of an artist’s official YouTube channel subscribers, as well as a map of their countries of origin. Stats such as these can come in super handy when you’re defining an audience in your Ad Manager tool and working on a tight budget, not to mention planning live events and tours now that gigs are back on the table.

See how artists rank in YouTube Charts

The newest addition to our charts is a dream for A&R and anyone doing talent evaluation. Working with user feedback, we've added two valuable features to the YouTube Artist Chart: sorting artists by YouTube views and by country.

Video views from both official and unofficial channels count towards chart ranks as well.

Filtering out artists according to YouTube views can help you find talent with an established YouTube audience. You can shortlist and compare different artists right there.

Sorting YouTube artists by country will show you who’s being played in a specific country right now. If you’re a talent buyer or event organizer, you can get a pretty clear picture of a country’s (or a general area’s) music tastes and current preferences – info that can help you book the right talent and sell more tickets.

Give it a go yourself to see the YouTube data in action. The features are available in the Premium plan, which you can test-drive for free.

Miha Vidmajer

Miha Vidmajer

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