The Definitive Analytics Guide for Music Pros

Welcome to the data side of life. It’s beautiful, we swear. More importantly, it runs on relevant info. Your sailing through it on our Viberate analytics should be as smooth as silk, and no function too hard to navigate through – so we’ve put together some guides.
The Definitive Analytics Guide for Music Pros
Urska Jaksa

Before we begin: have you claimed your Viberate Page (or the Pages of Artists you manage) yet? If not, do so. Claiming is easy, completely free of charge, and "unlocks" some additional features. 

📌 Here's Why (and How) You Should Claim Your Page Today 

Giving Viberate analytics a go: check! Now, it’s time to get familiar with all its features.

With just this one tool, you can:

🔬 Do your due diligence with the help of Charts. Find out how to discover new talent to add to your roster, and tap into Artists’ rankings across genres, countries, and channels. This can make finding the right fits for your events much more effortless.

📌 Find Emerging Artists with Charts


🧐 Get to know an Artist through their stats. Why leave things to guesswork? With analytics, you can check out how your roster’s or your prospect’s career health, examine their audiences, their social and streaming metrics, as well as their top-performing content.

📌 Learn About the Artists Through Their Stats

📌 What's Career Health, Anyway?


🎛️ View Artists’ complete Beatport analytics. As a label manager, you can keep better track of your roster’s success, while A&Rs will welcome the insights for their scouting process.

📌 Here They Are: Beatport Analytics


🔦 Use Genre analytics in your marketing strategies. When exploring your future opportunities, you can now pinpoint the countries with the event and festival scene that’s relevant to you, discover the fastest-rising artists in a specific genre, evaluate which social media and streaming channels are strongest for the genre, and more.

📌 Make Less Risky Decisions with Genre Insights


🗺️ Get insights into the music markets worldwide with Country analytics. Finally, you can get to know the country through its music tastes. Assess the opportunities for the artists on your roster, or evaluate the potential for events and festivals of different genres – we have the info for your job.

📌 Do All Your Country Research in One Place



Last pro tip: look for video tutorials on our Learn with Viberate page! Those will help you navigate the sections better. You’ll also find the latest articles there, get answers to your frequently asked questions, and save your spot in our upcoming webinars.

Urska Jaksa

Urska Jaksa

Managing Editor at Viberate
Storyteller with a nerd eye for music data. Believes in the healing power of group singing, while her ultimate cure are live shows.