Spotify Analytics: Evaluate Artists, Track Playlists, and Get Insights

Viberate’s newest addition lists all the important Spotify stats and performance insights in one place.
Spotify Analytics: Evaluate Artists, Track Playlists & More
Sara Mekinc

As the live events industry ground to a halt in 2020, many musicians, labels and other pros turned to streaming on Spotify to secure additional revenue. Staying on top of streaming data in terms of monitoring performance, discovering new opportunities to engage audiences and spotting promising new talents or trends became paramount.

Making less risky and more growth-minded decisions will be crucial for the music industry in 2021. For comprehensive insights into Spotify numbers, check out the newly upgraded Viberate analytics.

Viberate’s Spotify analytics offer an unparalleled look into each Artist’s Spotify data:

📊 monitor and examine Spotify performance through time,
💿 overview tracks and the Spotify playlists they’re included on,
👏🏽 get to know the audiences by city and country, and
🔥 discover Artists trending on Spotify more easily with specialized charts.

All these features are designed to help you understand and leverage performance on a market level more easily.

Let’s get into the details.

📊 Monitor and examine Spotify performance through time.

The analytics for each Artist are designed to give you a quick overview of their overall Spotify popularity, going back years. Section by section, you can dig into the more detailed breakdown of all the key metrics: how many Spotify followers they currently have, what their Spotify popularity score is, and what the listener-to-follower ratio is.

To put things into perspective, the numbers are also compared to their own metrics 12 months ago and to the industry average in that category.

💿 Overview tracks and the Spotify playlists they are included on.

Spotify is all about tracks and how successful they are. Our easy-to-use overview displays each Artist’s top-performing tracks and their release dates, and lets you sort the list by the number of streams and Spotify popularity.

You can also see if and how playlists are driving this performance. Examine tracks that have landed on influential playlists, evaluate these playlists by their subgenres and reach, monitor how many active playlists are currently featuring these tracks, and oversee the positions the tracks landed on. This can help you calibrate any playlist strategy.

Check out the “Popular Playlists Together” section to see how various Artists are connected in terms of appearing on the same popular Spotify playlists. This will give you interesting insights into their musical similarities and industry ranks.

👏🏽 Get to know the audiences by city and country.

Learn more about the Artist’s fans – see where they live with city and country breakdowns, and discover which other/similar Artists they like. With these insights, you can optimize your promotion campaigns and identify new opportunities. 

🔥 Discover Artists trending on Spotify more easily with specialized charts.

Only on Viberate can you easily look into the Spotify performance of pretty much every musician out there and compare the findings without ever leaving the tool. Browse hundreds of thousands of Artists in our unbiased Spotify chart and filter them by popularity, followers, monthly listeners, or playlist reach.

This approach saves time and effort and is especially useful for label managers evaluating the Artists on their roster. 

All these features are available in selected analytics packages. Since you’re already here, you can go and try them out completely for free.

Have a great time exploring!

Sara Mekinc

Sara Mekinc

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