See Who’s Leading the Social Media Charts, Plus Other Handy Stats

Our end-of-the-year updates are absolutely packed with useful insights.
See Who’s Leading the Social Media Charts, and More
Miha Vidmajer

Following the launch of our exceptionally well-received Social media analytics, we’re proud to unveil three additional upgrades to the platform: one-of-a-kind Social Media chart, Subgenre analytics, and an even more insights-packed Compare function.

Let’s see what they’re about.

#1 Get super-fast insights from the Social Media chart

The newest addition to our comprehensive Social media analytics lets you see who’s currently killing it on their social media channels.

Say you want to know who’s the most-viewed Australian Electronic artist on Tik Tok in the past month. Simply go to Social Media chart, filter out the country, genre, timeframe and channel parameter, and hey – presto! You’ll get a list of artists who match your query.

Social Media chart is unique to Viberate and can be a great tool for finding potential new collabs and partnerships, as you can quickly pinpoint artists who are already engaging fans on the channels you’re interested in exploring.

If you’re more interested in how a particular genre or subgenre performs on different channels, you can also simply click away; or, better yet, explore a particular subgenre further with another platform addition. We’ll get to that next.

#2 Get to know each subgenre with its analytics

The next addition to the platform is the Subgenre analytics, offering more useful and precise metrics for music pros.

Subgenre analytics are great for evaluating business potential and planning promotional activities since you can work with information such as: 

  • top cities where the subgenre is being listened to the most, 
  • where the most subgenre-oriented live events happen, 
  • who the fastest-rising artists are, or even 
  • which social media and music channels are most promising in terms of engagement and fanbase growth.

#3 Easily compare any two Artists with more visual cues and detailed overviews

Alongside some sleek design tweaks, the Compare function is now upgraded with Radio Airplay Performance and Career Performance segments. You’ll also see each Artist’s Facebook and Tik Tok metrics added to the Yearly Fanbase Growth segment.

Browse the updates yourself to see the data in action. If you’re new to analytics, test-drive Viberate completely free of charge

Miha Vidmajer

Miha Vidmajer

Product Manager at Viberate
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