See What’s Hot Worldwide with the New Viberate Charts

We've created 50+ unique music charts to explore who and what’s currently popular.
See What’s Hot Worldwide with the New Viberate Charts
Sara Mekinc

Charts are a music industry staple. There’s probably no other tool that reflects “current affairs” more handily or understandably. Everyone likes a good chart, as it can tell a story at a glance.

New kind of charts for a new era of music  

Long gone are the times when album sales reigned supreme. Online music consumption is extremely dynamic and diverse, so we wanted to go beyond the usual stuff and create unique charts that would be:

🤸 flexible, meaning they would cover all the relevant social media and streaming channels,

⚖️ unbiased, meaning they would realistically reflect the online accomplishments of each artist, label or festival, and

⏲️ up-to-date, meaning they would reflect how music tastes in the world are changing right now.

Now, we’re proud to deliver over 50 diverse charts — all freely available to registered users — and the number is growing.

With the Viberate music charts, you can quickly and effortlessly gain various interesting insights: who are the artists with the most YouTube views each week, which were the most streamed Electronic tracks on Spotify in January, which upcoming festivals are the most popular, which Hip Hop Spotify playlist has the most followers right now … pretty much anything you can think of.

You can also explore deeper and throw music genres into the mix. Simply click through the different categories in the All Charts section to see how popular certain music genres are on various channels and in different parts of the world.


For more detailed research into artists, labels, festivals, genres and other things music, try Viberate analytics. 

Start your free trial with the plan that best suits your needs. Almost every music artist in the world can be found here, so there’s lots to discover.

Sara Mekinc

Sara Mekinc

Content Specialist at Viberate
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