Pissed-off Hardcore Punk with a Metal Influence… for Starters

Back in high school, Andre had a garage band and spent every weekend going to local shows, supporting the Punk scene. Today, he’s a Viberate contributor (and still a punk). He’s taking the helm to present the Top 5 artists that he's spotted and you should check out – in his own words.
Pissed-off Punk with a Metal Influence… for Starters
Urska Jaksa

Music hero of the month: Andre 

I've been working in the television industry for 11 years now, but I’ve always had a passion for music and the music industry. I had a garage band back in high school – I spent every weekend going to local shows and loved supporting the local Hardcore Punk scene. Most of my friends throughout my high school and college days were involved with music. Some were in bands and others worked in music production. 

“I've always loved going to shows, events, and socializing with musicians.”

“I was born in Brazil and raised in the United States. I moved back to Brazil in 2009 because of a job opportunity in post-production for a TV station. I started contributing to Viberate in May this year and I've been hooked ever since. I enjoy contributing and finding new bands to listen to.”

Top 5: Picks and thoughts

The five most interesting artists I came across during contributing are:


1. Crow Killer

I can't get enough of heavy, intense, pissed-off Hardcore Punk with a Metal influence. I enjoy the vocalist's raw emotion. His vocals alongside the clean, heavy guitar and bass riffs, with powerful drumming, make this band amazing.

Source: Instagram

2. Faim

I like how this band combines 1990s Metalcore with an old school Hardcore Punk sound. It's fast and furious with awesome aggressive lyrics.

Source: Instagram

3. Brutus

One of the best Progressive Rock/Metal bands I've heard in a long time. Some people will also call it Post-Hardcore. Whatever sound they are producing, it's amazing: beautiful singing from the vocalist (who also plays drums) alongside an intense, heavy and passionate guitar and bass combination.

Photo: Geert Braekers

4. A.A. Williams

I'm so glad I came across A.A. Williams' music. Her music is perfect for anyone looking for a dark, emotional and experimental Alternative Rock sound. It's beautifully executed and very creative. The music ranges from a mellow calming sound to a heavier Post-Rock sound, mixed with a soothing Classical touch.

Source: Facebook


I'm a huge Post-Rock fan and can't believe I didn't know about this band before. I found out about them a couple of days ago. Very talented musicians producing a very creative and beautiful instrumental Rock sound. The individual instrumental combinations make the music come alive. This is the type of music with a strong composition that will create a different experience for each listener.

Photo: Valeria Zsoldos

Playlist assist

I usually create playlists to listen to while driving or when doing household chores. When it comes to playlists, there are two ways I like to create them: 

1. I'll create a playlist focusing on one band, with all my favorite songs for that band. 

2. A second way is to focus on one "genre" of music. I'll create a Thrash Metal playlist or Emo Punk playlist, depending on the mood I'm in. I rarely create a playlist with different genres, but if I had to make a good mix right now, these five songs would be in it:


Johnny Cash – Give My Love To Rose

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Love Games

The Misfits – We Are 138

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Into My Arms

AFI – The Days Of The Phoenix


How I got into contributing

In my profession, it's really hard to work from home. Production and post-production require a physical presence in the studio and on the set. I and other co-workers stayed home a couple of weeks, working remotely. Working at home makes it possible to have some music in the background. I'm not used to it though – sometimes I find it distracting when I have to focus on an important task. I like to pay attention to the instruments and lyrics. I need to enjoy the sound.

“Being home wasn't too bad, because that's how I found out about Viberate.”

This period working from home (May–June) is when I was able to contribute the most. At first, what gets your attention is the rewards system, and it can get a bit competitive. I eventually started to enjoy contributing to the Artist Pages, finding out about new bands and upcoming local shows. I stopped worrying about ranking and contributing just became a relaxing activity for me. 

“I enjoy contributing because I get to help local underground and independent bands. These are the bands that need the most help being noticed and recognized for their talent. It’s awesome to be able to showcase their work to the rest of the world.”

For me, when it comes to contributing to a platform like Viberate, helping to grow an artist's career makes the discovery process so much more enjoyable. You can't be a fan of music and not enjoy helping an artist have a voice. Viberate enables musicians and their fans to have a voice together, because, after all, it is 100% powered by the music community.


Join the community & start contributing now.



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