New Year, New Us – Starting Fresh with Platform Improvements

Our platform’s sleek new look is all about making music research and analytics simpler.
New Year, New Us – Starting with Platform Improvements
Sara Mekinc

Instead of waiting for 2021 to bring cool new things, we went on and created a few ourselves. Hot off the press is our freshly improved platform, now even more user- and mobile-friendly. Keep in mind, though, that the desktop version is still recommended for “serious” research work.

🖱️ Everything’s Two Clicks Away

The new “Home” structure and design are all about encouraging exploration. Once you’ve registered and signed in, you can use our completely revamped search for whatever you’re interested in – Artists and their analytics, complete Festivals overview and spotlights, or Venues and Labels.  Both the refreshed menu structure and the overall design are there to take you wherever you want.

If you’re a music pro, you might be interested in studying our music charts. Artist, Label and Beatport charts are therefore neatly presented in one convenient spot. Loads more industry charts will be introduced in the following weeks, providing even more valuable insights.

If you’re looking to improve your career performance, be sure to check out our “Resources” section and browse through the handy guides and case studies. And since we wish to make your music research experience as tailored as it gets, we’ll soon introduce a personalized feed into the mix.

🌍 Discover Music Markets Worldwide

Music tastes, trends and “signature” artists are different in each country. The all-new Country Page makes searching through them simpler.

By clicking on the country you’re interested in – either on the map or in the sidebar – you’ll see its overview, music highlights and analytics. This way, you can really get to know a country through its music. Plus, once “normal” travelling is back, you’ll have a bunch of new ideas to explore and fun facts to share. For example – did you know that Progressive Metal is one of the most popular music subgenres in Chile?

Speaking of subgenres …

🎷 Get to Know Music Genres Better

Just how many music genres are out there? Well, check for yourself.

The new “genre map” is a very convenient tool for keeping track of main music genres and subgenres. It’s also a neat entry point into discoveries. By clicking on an entity you’re interested in, you’ll open a page with a more detailed breakdown and analytics of each (sub)genre.

There’s plenty more to discover, so go try it out yourself. And stay tuned for a rollout of even more cool new features very soon. Feedback is welcome as always, and we’ll be happy to hear your ideas for further improvement.

Sara Mekinc

Sara Mekinc

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