New to Analytics? Here’s Where You Can Start as an Artist.

With analytics, we can change the way music careers are made. You can finally base your decisions on reliable information and not just hope for the best (or tell the universe to take the wheel). We want you to get the best out of Viberate analytics, so we’ve put together a series of guides.
New to Analytics? Here’s Where You Can Start as an Artist.
Urska Jaksa

Claiming your Viberate Page ... check? If not:

📌 Here's Why (and How) You Should Claim Your Page Today 

Giving Viberate analytics a go: check! Now, it’s time to get familiar with all its features.

Here’s what you can do with this single tool:

🙌 Understand your fanbase and see how your content is performing. Sometimes your strategy isn’t working as it should. With data, you get to know your fans - REALLY know them -, recreate good practices and adapt as you go.

📌 Study Your Fanbase and See How Your Content's Working


📊 Optimize your music channel performance. It’s always good to know where your listeners are coming from, and it’s super important to keep track of every music channel you use. Be it YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Shazam or Beatport, you can always find ways to grow your fanbase.

📌 Dive into Your Music Channels and See Where Your Audience Is

📌 See how your tracks perform, and optimize your releases with Beatport analytics


🤝 Use Artist analytics to expand your music network. Your connections can share their knowledge with you, help you with promotion, or can even become someone you collaborate with. Do some digging and see who’d be a good fit.

📌 WTF is Network Respect? + How to Improve Your Connections


🎵 Get to know your genre inside and out. By knowing more, you can do more. Find out in which countries (and cities) your genre is the most popular, determine which online channels are best to use, learn from the strongest players, and work your way to getting that festival spot you’ve always dreamed of.

📌 Learn from the Best in Your Genre


🔦 Explore countries’ music markets to assess your opportunities. Find your next opportunity right here. Get a more complete overview of the events, festivals, cities with the most live performances, trending subgenres, and more.

📌 Learn from the Music Markets and Get Ahead



Also, look for video tutorials on our Learn with Viberate page. Those will help you navigate the sections better. You’ll also find the latest articles there, get answers to your frequently asked questions, and save your spot in our upcoming webinars.


Urska Jaksa

Urska Jaksa

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