New: Resources for Getting Ahead in the Music Business

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New: Resources for Getting Ahead in the Music Business
Miha Prebil

The music business is tough and there’s no use sugarcoating it. There are as many obstacles as there are opportunities, but luckily for everyone, the digital-first era has made it much easier to access helpful information from our computers and phones.

No matter where your music career is at right now, we want to help you advance. In over 20 years in the business, we’ve learned it’s the proactive people who “get lucky”, and that’s why we want you to have as many resources as possible to get to know the industry better, navigate its landscape, strike better deals, and set yourself up for a long and productive career.

Learn the ropes on our new Resources Page

Head on to Resources to see the materials that can help guide your next steps. You can pick and choose from videos, text guides, articles and plenty of other stuff on the topic of data and music.

Webinars cover live and on-demand sessions on using the Viberate platform and getting first-hand industry tips from seasoned professionals.

Video tutorials will demonstrate the step-by-step use of the Viberate analytics tools, with practical examples on how you can “hack” your own performance on music and social media channels.

PDF guides a.k.a. our data in action will regularly provide you with up-to-date downloadable reports, as well as insights into markets and channels worldwide.

And finally, there's a blog with articles to keep you up to speed on our platform, products and opinions.

As always, we’ll be happy to hear your feedback and any additional proposals for resources you might find handy. Get clicking and let us know.

Miha Prebil

Miha Prebil

CPO at Viberate
Digital product enthusiast who turns chaos into order. Passionate about new tech. World traveller with a curious mind and music always playing in the background.