Monitor Beatport Tracks and Spotify Playlists with Viberate Charts

Browse thousands of entries and spot the most influential ones.
Monitor Beatport Tracks and Spotify Playlists with Charts
Sara Mekinc

To navigate your way through the 3M+ tracks released on Beatport and the thousands of Spotify playlists your tracks could be featured on, you’ll need to put aside a good chunk of time. Or you could let Viberate analytics do the heavy lifting, without having to switch between different platforms and tools.

You can test-drive the Premium plan with a free trial and see if it works for you. Sounds good?

Now, let’s get to the upgrades.

Our latest round of updates introduced two useful features for artists, labels,and other music pros:

  • the Beatport Tracks chart, analysing the performance and popularity of tracks and Beatport genres,
  • the Spotify Playlists chart, helping you pinpoint the playlists that would be a good fit for your tracks.

#1 Analyse any track on Beatport with the Beatport Tracks chart

Rounding up our comprehensive Beatport analytics is the Chart feature. With it, you can review and evaluate every Beatport track’s performance through time, adjust your promotional efforts accordingly, and study similar tracks to spot trends in certain genres. Simply search for tracks directly in the search bar or apply the desired parameters, such as genre.

Here are the stats for UMEK’s Vibrancy. Each entry shows a track’s release date, days spent on specific charts, and overall performance points.

“Popularity” is the default setting, ranking tracks according to their time and positions on the Beatport Top 100 charts (which also translates to the tracks selling well). You can sort the chart by relevant genres and timeframes to narrow down your results, and determine how sought after your music could be. Viberate’s Beatport data goes back 8 years, so you’ll get valid metrics.  

#2 Find compatible playlists with the Spotify Playlists chart

As an artist, scoring a spot on the right playlist can take you places. Spotify playlists are a powerful promotional tool, so getting featured on the most followed ones can be a dream come true for many up-and-coming artists.

                📌  The Key Steps for Getting Featured on Spotify Playlists

The Viberate Spotify Playlists charts make it easier to browse hundreds of thousands of such playlists, choose those that fit your genre, and evaluate their potential reach.

Obviously, a lot of high-ranking playlists are generated by Spotify itself, meaning that if you want to get featured on them, you’ll need to go through the company's official submission process. But there’s also loads of user-curated playlists that you can “investigate” further by simply clicking on them – the playlist in question will open in another tab.

Here’s an example of a Trap-oriented playlist that also features insights into current TikTok favorites.

Pro tip: once you find an interesting playlist, see how many tracks are on it. The informal “Spotify standard” is between 20 and 50 tracks, as that’s a sign of two things: (1) the playlist is regularly curated, and (2) you’ll have a better chance of your track being heard than, say, fighting for attention with 300 other tracks.

Go try it out and give your online stats a fresh boost.  

Sara Mekinc

Sara Mekinc

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