Learn from the Best in Your Genre

We're walking you through the sections of Genre analytics to demonstrate how you can use them and learn from them.
Learn from the Best in Your Genre
Urska Jaksa

First things first: how to find Genre analytics? 👉 Go to the search box in the navigation bar and type in the genre you want to explore. When you get to the specific Genre Page, click the "ANALYTICS" button. (If you haven't selected your plan yet, you'll first have to sign up and choose the right option for you.)  Voila.


We're walking you through the sections that will let you:

🌎 Find out in which countries (and cities) the genre is the most popular.

🤩 Learn from the rising stars and strongest players in the genre.

💪 Identify dominant online channels for the artists in your genre.

✔️ Work on your festival bucket list.


We've customized these instructions for artists and their teams. If you're a label executive, A&R, or work in another field of the music industry, look here for a tailored guide.

#1 Genre Overview

This is the overall number of artists and festivals of a specific genre according to our database.


See how many artists make music in the same genre. Comparing this number to your rank within the genre gives you a better sense of where your career is at the moment.

#2 Top Countries by Live Performances

Explore the top countries (and the top cities) sorted by the number of events and festivals in the genre and their capacity. 


Identify the countries with the most opportunities for artists like you. You’ll see how many artists make music in the same genre and how many festivals there are. Clicking on each country, you’ll also see the top cities (like for the Netherlands in the case above).


✔️ Compare the Top Countries with the Audience Map section on your Artist Page. Do you have listeners in the countries with the most events and festivals in your genre? If yes, show them some special attention, and if not, start thinking about how to seize the opportunities.

✔️ One thing that can introduce you to an audience in a new country is a collab with a popular local artist. You can find potential artists to collaborate with by researching Charts.


To get in-depth information about different markets, click the "ANALYTICS" button in the navigation bar and type in the country you're interested in. Here's also an article that can help you navigate it:

📌 Learn from the Music Markets and Get Ahead

#3 Fastest Rising Artists

See the top artists on the rise, sorted by their Viberate Popularity growth in the last 30 days. Below, you'll also find a longer list of rising artists, sorted by their Viberate rank. Wondering what Viberate Popularity is? It’s a metric, calculated based on the overall data from social media and music channels.


Click on each top rising artist and explore their Page to see why their popularity has grown. Research their channels and identify good practices you can adopt.

Learn from the rising artists. Research their channels and identify good practices you can adopt.

Use Career Health as a quick indication into which channels to learn from. For example, if their Social Media Performance is green, it could be a good idea to look into their social media content strategy. Read more about Career Health here.

#4 Most Popular Subgenres

You’ll get an overview of the most popular subgenres, calculated based on the top 3,000 artists in the genre.


Check different sortings to see how popular your subgenre is. Focus more on the channels on which your subgenre has a wider audience.

If you’re making music in different subgenres, check and compare their popularity on different channels to identify the one that can bring you more attention.

#5 Genre Fanbase Growth and Engagement Overview

These two sections are similar as they respectively show fanbase growth and engagement for the top 3,000 artists in the genre across different channels in different timelines.


Identify the dominant channels for artists in your genre (check where the fanbase grew the most and the audience is the most engaged) to get ideas on which to focus on.  Combine this research with an overview of your channels on your Artist Page. Here we also explain how to tackle that.

This is how the fanbase of Electronic artists grows per day on average. Below you see how the total fanbase increased in the last month across channels (you can see the biggest growth in the Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram fanbase).

#6 Top Artists by Fanbase Growth and Engagement

Here you find the artists who gained the most new followers and had the biggest engagement on each channel in the previous month.In theexample below, you see which Electronic artist had the biggest fanbase increase in August.


Check what the artists on top of a particular channel are doing. Try to follow the same strategy with your content.

#7 Most Mentioned Artists in the Previous Month

This is an overview of the artists who received the most Instagram and Twitter mentions from other artists in the previous month.


The list can be used as an overview of the influencers in the genre. Some may be out of your league (for now, at least), but others could notice you if you reach out. A mention from them can give you a serious leg up.

#8 Most Connected Artists

Here you’ll find the artists with the highest number of other artists following them on Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud.


Most artists on the list are superstars, which means that getting on their radar is hard. However, you can set it as a goal and start building your network to get there. Your music network stats will help you start. Here’s the guide that will help you explore this part of your Artist Page: 

📌WTF is Network Respect?

#9 Top Festivals and Most Mentioned Festivals by Artists

These two sections show the festivals with the strongest lineups and the festivals with the most artists’ mentions in the previous month.


Top Festivals could easily be called the “Festival bucket list”. Nobody debutes on Coachella, so start looking for smaller festivals that can lead you towards the end goal. Filter festivals on Viberate.com by genre, subgenre, country, etc.

Furthermore, look at the festivals with the most mentions to identify the ones currently generating a lot of traction and work towards getting booked on some of them in the future.

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