How to Track Radio Play: Viberate's Ultimate Guide

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How to Track Radio Play: Viberate's Ultimate Guide
Kristian Gorenc Z

In today's digital age, streaming platforms and social media are often the primary focus for musicians and industry professionals. Yet, even as streaming figures dominate conversations about success in music, another metric remains incredibly vital: radio airplay. So, what is radio airplay? Radio airplay refers to the number of times a song is played on the radio, be it terrestrial, satellite, or internet-based stations. The frequency and spread of these plays can make a significant difference in an artist's career, influencing chart positions, royalty payments, and overall public awareness. But, how to track radio play efficiently?

Enter Viberate.


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Radio Airplay Analytics by Viberate: A Game-Changer for Music Professionals

For artists and music pros, the ability to monitor radio airplay can provide insights into which songs are resonating with audiences and where those tunes are getting the most traction. This is where Viberate steps in, offering an unparalleled service to ensure artists and their teams have all the information they need at their fingertips.

  • Global Reach and Comprehensive Monitoring: Viberate sources its data from a staggering 24,000 stations worldwide. This extensive network ensures that every artist and song gets the attention they deserve, from niche indie numbers to chart-topping hits.
  • Airplay Performance at a Glance: Viberate presents a unique metric system, almost akin to a speedometer, allowing artists to measure their performance in comparison to other artists. This not only provides a current airplay rank with recent changes but also offers a list of similarly ranked artists for contextual understanding.
  • Dive Deep with Key Airplay Numbers: Artists can view their recent Radio Airplay in specific numbers. Essential metrics such as spins, top tracks, stations, countries, and cities provide a comprehensive view. Additionally, the trendline of the artist's spins over time offers an invaluable perspective on how their tracks perform over extended periods.
  • Most Popular & Latest Spinned Tracks: Artists can quickly identify which of their tracks are the most radio-friendly, view them across different timeframes, and even check out the latest spins on various radio stations. This can be a critical tool in deciding which song to push for promotions next.
  • Radio Spins Mapped Out: Using Viberate's analytics, artists can visualize their radio spins across cities and countries, using an intuitive map feature. This aids in pinpointing where the artist’s tracks are spinned the most, offering insights into main markets and promotional strategies.
  • Top Radio Stations & Collaboration Opportunities: Artists can see which stations are spinning their tracks the most and even identify the specific songs getting the airplay. The subgenre of these stations is displayed, allowing for more targeted marketing. Moreover, knowing the other artists most frequently played alongside can be a treasure trove for collaboration ideas.
  • Artists Ranked by Radio Airplay: Viberate offers an unbiased ranking of artists based on their radio spins, updating this chart daily. This feature can be customized to specific countries and genres and is sortable by various airplay metrics, ensuring a tailor-fit experience for every user.


Viberate Analytics: Professional music analytics suite at an unbeatable price: $9.90/mo. Charts, talent discovery tools, plus Spotify, TikTok, and other channel-specific analytics of every artist out there.

In Conclusion

In the rapidly evolving music industry, having accurate and timely data is crucial. Viberate's Radio Airplay Analytics empowers artists and professionals to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that their music reaches as many ears as possible. Whether you're an upcoming artist trying to understand your market or an established name looking to expand your presence, Viberate is your one-stop solution.

By embracing this state-of-the-art tool, artists can now efficiently track their radio airplay, gauge their performance, and make data-driven decisions. Because in music, as in life, knowledge truly is power.

Kristian Gorenc Z

Kristian Gorenc Z

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