How to Bid on UMEK's NFTs, Minted on Blockparty

UMEK is dropping his first set of NFTs on Thursday, April 29, including the first-ever live event and livestream NFTs, as well as three unique remixes of his 1999 hit track “Lanicor”. Here's what you need to do to be prepared.
How to Bid on UMEK's NFTs, Minted on Blockparty
Urska Jaksa

All five sets of tokens will be minted on Blockparty (get the details here). Take the following steps to make sure that on D-Day, you can bid on the first-ever live event and livestream NFTs or the one-edition-only remix of UMEK's legendary 1999 track “Lanicor”. You'll also be able to buy limited editions of two additional unique remixes of the legendary Techno hit at a fixed price.

#1 Create your Blockparty account

Go to Blockparty and click on Login. If you don’t have a Blockparty account yet, click on “Create a New Blockparty Account”, write in your information, and click “Sign In”. Check your inbox for the confirmation email and confirm your email address. If the email isn’t there, look under the "Promotion" tab or in the spam folder.

#2 Verify your account

Sign in and go to your “Account”. Click on the circle in the top-right corner and select “My Account” in the roll-down menu. In the “Profile” tab on the right, select the “Collector” account type. Type in your name and “Create request”.

On Blockparty, you can pay with a credit card and Ethereum. If you want to pay with Ethereum, add your Metamask Wallet in the “General" tab.

You don't need a crypto wallet to bid on UMEK's NFTs. On Blockparty, you can pay with a credit card and Ethereum.

#3 Bid on UMEK’s NFTs on April 29

The NFTs drop at 3 PM EST (New York time zone) and 8 PM GMT+1 (London time zone). We'll give you a heads-up via email and you can also check the timer at

Bid on:

  • The first-ever live gig NFT
  • The first-ever livestream NFT
  • UMEK – Lanicor 1.1 (1 edition)

Get a limited edition remix of  the iconic “Lanicor” at a fixed price:

  • UMEK – Lanicor 1.2 (10 editions)
  • UMEK – Lanicor 1.3 (30 editions)

P.S. To make sure these tracks can never be replicated, UMEK will destroy their respective Logic files.

After the sale is completed, you’ll find your token in your dashboard, under “Collection”.

Urska Jaksa

Urska Jaksa

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