How Many Playlists are on Spotify and Why They Matter

Explore how many playlists are on Spotify, their significance, and how Viberate's analytics can amplify your music journey.
How Many Playlists are on Spotify and Why They Matter
Miha Prebil

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital music, how many playlists are on Spotify is a question that piques the interest of many, be it music enthusiasts, artists, or industry professionals. The answer to that might astonish you – over 4 billion! But before we dive deep into the world of Spotify playlists and their significance, let's take a step back to understand the journey of Spotify itself.

Launched in October 2008, Spotify took the music world by storm. However, even with its innovative approach to music streaming, it took over two years for Spotify to reach the 1 million subscriber milestone. Fast forward to today, and according to company-published data, the platform boasts a whopping 365 million monthly active users. The consistent quarter-on-quarter growth since 2015 has been commendable, with an impressive addition of 133 million users over just the last two years (Q2 2020 – Q2 2021).

Now, back to the hot topic - how many playlists are on Spotify? As of now, Spotify's catalog comprises over 4 billion playlists, with a staggering 1 billion added in 2020 alone. While the numbers are jaw-dropping, what truly matters is the value these playlists bring to the table, especially for artists.

Most of these playlists are user-generated, but a significant chunk holds extreme importance for artists. Consider Spotify's algorithmic playlists, which cater to a highly targeted audience. These listeners are primed to adore your music, ensuring a significant number of streams. This is especially beneficial for talented artists in lesser-known genres. Furthermore, Spotify's editorial playlists are designed to retain listeners. If your music has the potential to gain traction when featured within the context of a certain playlist, Spotify's algorithms pick up on this.

While editorial playlists have a more extensive reach and higher listener engagement, proving to be career boosters for many artists, user-generated playlists shouldn't be overlooked. Though they might cater to a smaller audience, they play a crucial role in enhancing an artist's overall exposure.


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In this vast ocean of playlists, how can an artist or industry professional make the most out of them? Enter Viberate's Spotify Playlist Analytics.

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2. Spotify Playlist Analytics: A holistic view allows users to analyze reach, best-performing playlists and songs, and even historical data. Viberate’s comprehensive Spotify Analytics provides insights into monthly listeners, followers, and streaming stats.

3. Apple Music Playlist Analytics: Apple Music isn't left out! Monitor a song's full performance on Apple Music playlists.

4. Playlist Chart (12M+ Playlists): Get a customized list using filters like genres, curator type, reach, and growth. The aim? To find the most impactful playlists.

5. Top Spotify Playlists and Songs: Gain a clear understanding of every playlist placement, pinpoint the most playlisted songs, and recognize which playlists have had the most significant impact. This valuable data aids in enhancing playlist pitching and boosting a song's future reach.

6. Spotify Playlist Performance Over Time: With this tool, questions like how many playlists are on Spotify featuring a specific artist, the listeners they reach, or if multiple tracks have been playlisted can be easily answered. It's a robust tool to analyze an artist’s growth and assess the efficacy of marketing campaigns.

7. Plan Collaborations and Events with Playlist Stats: Identify artists that frequently feature on similar playlists. Such data-driven insights are perfect for determining potential collaborations or event line-ups.

8. Find the Right Playlists with the Playlist Chart: Discover playlists that can fuel an artist’s growth. Starting with 12M+ Spotify playlists and nearly 100K Apple Music playlists ranked by followers and recent growth, users can filter by genre and curator type.

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In conclusion,

understanding how many playlists are on Spotify is just scratching the surface. The real value lies in harnessing the potential of these playlists, and with Viberate’s array of analytical tools, the power to transform an artist's trajectory is just a few clicks away.

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