Here They Are: Beatport Analytics

Better data beats more data, but we went for both with our latest update.
Here They Are: Beatport Analytics
Vasja Veber

Using data to create music history is not a novel concept. Those of us who grew up in the 1990s surely remember a band called Hootie & The Blowfish. You couldn’t find a chart or soundtrack they weren’t jumping out of. But not because of some random stroke of luck – they got signed to a big label because good ol’-fashioned marketing research outed them as absolute favorites in South Carolina record stores. I’m not even kidding.

Today, you don’t need to phone around to discover hot trends – your computer will do just fine. And to make things even easier, you only need one reliable tool: our Viberate analytics.

Beatport analytics: You needed them, we added them

A couple of months ago, our team did an interview with Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels, who revealed that the Covid pandemic has resulted in a 20% increase in releases through Beatport. This goes to show how valuable the platform is to Electronic artists and labels, especially with the lack of live gigs making every revenue stream much more important.

To help everyone optimize their release strategies (and increase their chances of getting a sweet paycheck), we've just added Beatport metrics into our Viberate analytics package.

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It’s an absolute data-lover's dream. For every artist who uses Beatport, there’s unique insights into their activities over the last 8 years: how their tracks performed, how an artist is currently doing compared to similar artists, what genres they make music in, who they collaborate with, and so on. 

We also calculate the artists’ “Beatport Health”, an overall assessment of their performance and rank – a metric you won’t find anywhere else. 

Here’s what’s in it for you:

Monitor tracks’ performance through time

Besides seeing an artist’s most recent releases and chart positions, you can finally examine their (or your own) work more in-depth. You can check out their Genre (as it’s defined on Beatport), look at each track’s performance through time and determine peak positions, and even find out which labels they’re signed on.

To avoid double or multiple entries and the inevitable confusion that would follow, each track exists as a singular unit – meaning no matter how many times it's been re-released, we still count it as the original track. The score is calculated for every single track, so each entry can be objectively measured and compared both within the genre and overall. 

This provides interesting insights into an Artist's portfolio, as you can more readily assess their consistency in releasing new music and their popularity in the Beatport community. Even if you’re checking out your own stats, you can learn from the findings and apply them to your future release strategy. 

To make the analytics experience even friendlier, you can listen to track previews without ever leaving the page you’re on, and only visit Beatport if you want to buy the track.

Improve your label’s A&R process

Since Viberate analytics makes it relatively easy to compare artists' work and popularity, your "creative matchmaking" can become less risky. Your intuition and experience can now be supported by relevant info, thus reducing your chances of a hit-and-miss. 

Quick tip: an upward trend is always a good sign.

Questions like "Is this Genre a good fit?" or "Is this artist really as popular as they claim?" can now be answered thanks to our extensive drill-down. Alternatively, artists can also assess how strong a label is by discovering how well artists signed to it have performed. 

Let the stats do the talking – and propose networking

Not only can you compare how artists perform on Beatport - you can also explore their collabs and sort them by number, rank, and time

Again, when making choices about future collabs or other business decisions, data can be the deciding factor you need.     

Bonus round: Refreshed design!

As if we weren’t industrious enough, we’ve also thrown in a redesign or three. Country analytics, Genre analytics, and Artist pages are now even friendlier to look at. 

While the redesigned Genre and Country analytics will make new discoveries run even smoother, each Artist’s page now shows their links and ranks neatly displayed under the profile picture, while graphs and stats received a colorful facelift for easier overview. 

Be sure to follow us for more product updates. You can also join us for a full walkthrough of Beatport analytics in one of our regular webinars, or drop me a line and we'll talk business. 

This year has emphasized how important it is for everyone to stay on top of their digital channels. So don't be afraid of numbers – they can be handy as f#%k. We can help you with that. 👇

Vasja Veber

Vasja Veber

Founder & CBDO at Viberate
A music manager and a tech geek. Vasja is combining his two passions at Viberate, where his main mission as a co-founder is to tell music services that they need us desperately.