Find the Music Festival That’s the Right Fit for You

Each Festival’s vibe is neatly captured in the revamped Festival Pages.
Find the Music Festival That’s the Right Fit for You
Miha Prebil

Landing a sweet lineup spot at a music festival is a dream come true for almost any artist looking to break through. Of course, you may not want to play at just any festival that would have you. Narrowing down your search and pitching to festivals that would fit your music style may yield far better results.

Our extensive Festival database is here to help you tick other boxes as well.

If you’re a festival organizer researching the competition and learning from them, or simply a music pro looking for valuable insights, we've got you covered, too.

There are over 6000 Festival Pages on Viberate, and each page is designed to help you get to know the festival at a glance:

➡️  check out the festival’s chart rank, dates, size and most-represented subgenres,
➡️  examine the lineup through the years and spot the standout acts,
➡️  find out which artists follow and mention the festival on social media,
➡️  browse the festival gallery, trailers, aftermovies and notable social media posts,
➡️  see which media have mentioned the festival.

Let’s see what these key sections are about.

➡️  Check out the festival’s chart rank, dates, size and main subgenres.

The festival’s essential info – date, location, size, links and most-represented subgenres – are neatly displayed in the profile, while the “Chart Rank” section will give you an idea how popular the festival is. To get an even clearer picture of the highlights and general vibe, scroll through the photos and handy maps.

➡️  Examine the lineup through the years and spot the standout acts.

The artists in the interactive lineup are presented according to their online popularity. You can quickly discover what kind of music they play, and even listen to it. The best part – the lineup of all the editions are easily accessible in one place, so you don’t waste time researching.

For the booking highlights, such as top-performing acts or rising artists, check out the “Artists to watch” section.

➡️  Find out which artists follow and mention the festival on social media.

As networking is key in the industry, you can also check out what the “friends of the festival” say about it on Instagram, and which channels connect them. This might give you an idea where the buzz is happening, and where you could strike up a conversation.

➡️  Browse outstanding visual content to get a better feel for the festival.

Festival trailers and aftermovies, a brand-new photo gallery, and the festival’s notable social media posts will show you what the festival’s about and what kind of mood they’re pursuing. After all, having a good time is everything.

➡️  See which media have mentioned the festival.

Last but not least, there’s the media section, showing which media have written about the festival. This section will be expanded in the upcoming months, so for now, read more about the Artists and topics related to them in Viberate’s own articles.

If you’re interested in media mentions because you’d like to explore your PR options, there’s another way.

Try out the music industry’s secret weapon: data analytics.

To examine more metrics, say, where a festival ranks on the worldwide popularity chart, give music analytics a go. The Audience map at the bottom of the Festival Page can give you a taste of the kind of insights we’re talking about. To really dig into analytics, test-drive the Premium plan for free and see how the world of powerful data works for you.

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Miha Prebil

Miha Prebil

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