Easily Compare Any Two Music Artists on Viberate

Evaluate artists with a visual, side-by-side overview of their key online metrics.
Easily Compare Any Two Music Artists on Viberate
Sara Mekinc

When it comes to evaluating a potential music collaborator or assessing your own career strategy, using data analytics is a great way to get realistic and unbiased results. Analytics are also really interesting to work with, if you know what to look for, and where. But we know a lot of people aren’t super comfortable using them yet.

To make your research as effortless as possible, we recently introduced the Compare feature. It does just what the name suggests – compares how certain artists are doing on social media and streaming channels, and presents the findings in easy-to-understand visuals. Plus, we’re thrilled to be the first music analytics platform to deliver a tool specifically designed for comparing artists.

Here’s how it works:

Simply type in any two artists you’d like to compare side by side and you'll see their basic online performance stats. The stats are visualized in a straightforward manner – the higher numbers are presented with longer lines or larger semicircles.  

View the stats to compare:

  • how many people follow each artist on social media and music channels,
  • how engaged the fans are, and how much the fanbase grew in a year on channels such as Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer etc.
  • basic audience stats such as age and gender, and the countries the listeners are coming from,
  • the most prominent industry connections (the other artists who follow them) and the artists' overall network respect,
  • insights into their Spotify and Beatport performance (streams, followers, playlists, charts, etc.), along with the best-performing tracks on each channel, and other valuable information.

This “comparison at a glance” is designed to give artists, event organizers, label owners and other industry professionals a quick idea of where a certain artist is in their music career, if they’re a potential fit, and how “promotable” they might be. Artists can put it to good use as well, as they can benchmark their career with other artists they know and/or look up to, and adjust their promotional strategy according to new information. 

Viberate’s work doesn’t stop here, as we’ll soon introduce other valuable insights into these features – more specifically, look for Airplay very soon.

Give comparing a go with one of our subscription packages. If you’re new to Viberate analytics, access the free trial here

Sara Mekinc

Sara Mekinc

Content Specialist at Viberate
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