Dive Into Labels with Beatport Label Charts and Analytics

Wondering how different Labels perform on Beatport? Our newest update brings the heat.
Dive Into Labels with Beatport Label Charts and Analytics
Sara Mekinc

Labels are a crucial part of the industry ecosystem, as they not only provide management and promotion for artists, but are sometimes also vital for track distribution. Not to mention how valuable analytical tools are to Label managers and other executives looking to improve their endeavors.

To complement our Beatport Charts and Artist analytics, we rolled out Beatport Label Charts and Analytics. Here’s how they can make your work easier:

🕵️ Get to know each label’s releases, roster, and genre direction. Going from first impressions to more detailed analysis, you’ll see if they would be a good fit for you.

📊 Monitor how productive and consistently successful a label is. See how their releases rank on Beatport charts, and how each track performs through time.

👯 Research similar labels to get new ideas. Check out their releases and the ways their artists promote tracks on different channels. You might discover new collab opportunities, too.

Let’s get to the details.

You’ll find labels in the main navigation. Follow it and you’ll land on Label Charts.

There, you can start exploring labels more closely. Filter them by their Beatport genres, their overall popularity (Viberate points), and their performance on Beatport.

The performance can be examined in different timeframes: from all-time to three months, one year, or three years. This will give you an idea of the Label’s overall productivity and success rate.

Three years is “the golden standard” for a label’s performance evaluation, meaning that they can be objectively analyzed no matter how frequently they release new tracks.

Get to know a label better: Who they sign, and how they perform

Clicking on a label in Charts will open their Beatport analytics. Immediately, you’ll see the basic stats: the label’s general Beatport Charts performance, their overall Career Health, currently charting releases, and the artists they sign.

A green Beatport Performance indicator means that the tracks released on the label are performing better than the tracks of similarly ranked Labels in the same genre (also listed on the right). 

The artists behind the top-performing tracks can be seen in the “Signature Artists” section. The names on the roster will give you a better idea of the label’s direction and authority.

See the label’s productivity and general success

Besides listing the releases’ current position on Beatport charts, our analytics also show the label’s performance through time. A graph with an upward trend indicates that the label is gaining traction, and a straighter line shows stable overall performance. You can also see which releases gained the most attention.

Something for the managers: Track Overview and Track Performance

This allows for a simpler evaluation of artists on the roster and the success of each release. Visible increases in each track’s engagement provide valuable information on what determined its success — was it a specific genre, Artist, collab, or promotional tactic? Once you have data, you don’t need to rely on guesswork.

… And something for the artists: Genre Overview

If you’re an artist looking for a label to release your tracks, here’s where you can check if they fit the brief. Genre Overview will give you a sense of the label’s direction, which genre they’re the most successful in on Beatport, and how their direction has changed over time.

Beatport Label Charts and analytics can bring a fresh approach to your strategies and benchmarking. If you’re interested in getting a better grip on analytics, give the free trial a go, and stay tuned for more updates coming soon. 

Sara Mekinc

Sara Mekinc

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