Artist Showdown: Compare Artists Effectively with Viberate

Discover the power of Viberate's innovative tool to compare artists. Dive into data-driven analysis, fanbase insights, network strength, and more.
Artist Showdown: Compare Artists Effectively with Viberate
Miha Vidmajer


In the fast-paced music industry, the ability to effectively analyze artists is a game-changer. Viberate's unique "Compare" feature caters to this need, offering a revolutionary solution for data analysis and artist comparison. The platform provides a comprehensive view of artists' social media presence, streaming stats, and music network strength, transforming the approach to music artist comparison.


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Eliminating Guesswork with Viberate

The conventional methods of comparing artists typically involve guesswork and laborious data collection. With Viberate's "Compare" feature, users get a comprehensive analysis when conducting artist comparisons. The tool offers an in-depth evaluation of artists' ranks across overall music charts, specific genres, and sub-genres. It further extends to compare an artist's social media and music performance, giving users an unbiased, objective comparison based on reach, engagement, and overall impact.

Understanding Fanbase Strength: A Critical Component in Artist Comparison

The strength and growth of an artist's fanbase significantly contribute to their success. Viberate's comparison feature provides a detailed analysis of different artists' overall fanbase size. Furthermore, it also monitors an artist's fanbase's yearly growth across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and Shazam, aiding in understanding an artist's popularity and career trajectory.

The Network Influence: Unraveling Artist Connections 

Artists operate within a network of professionals, and understanding this network is a key aspect of artist comparison. Viberate lets you explore this network, comparing artists based on their industry connections. The platform reveals the strength of an artist's music network and their highest-ranking industry connections, providing useful insights for industry professionals.

Demystifying the Fans: Audience Analysis in Artist Comparison 

Understanding the audience is vital in the music industry. Viberate’s comparison tool provides a comprehensive analysis of an artist's audience demographics. It allows users to examine the audience size of different artists, the countries where they command the largest fanbase, and demographics based on age and gender, proving invaluable for strategy planning and gauging potential reach.

Spotify Showdown: Viberate's Insightful Artist Comparison Tool

Spotify is a leading platform for music streaming, and an artist's performance here is a critical success indicator. Viberate's comparison feature gives users insights into artists' Spotify ranks, listener count, followers, and playlist reach. It also showcases each artist's current top track, adding an additional dimension to the comparison.

Beatport Battles: Taking Artist Comparison to New Heights

Beatport is synonymous with electronic music, and an artist's performance on this platform is crucial. Viberate's comparison feature considers this, allowing users to compare artists based on their Beatport ranks. It provides data on released and charted tracks in the last three years and days on Beatport #100 charts. The tool also displays the most charted track and current Beatport positions, making artist comparison in the electronic music realm easier than ever.

Viberate Analytics: Professional music analytics suite at an unbeatable price: $9.90/mo. Charts, talent discovery tools, plus Spotify, TikTok, and other channel-specific analytics of every artist out there.


By offering a data-driven, objective, and comprehensive approach, Viberate's "Compare" feature has revolutionized the process of music artist comparison. The tool considers multiple facets of an artist's career, from fanbase size and growth, social media performance, and industry connections, to performance on popular music platforms. Explore this powerful tool and elevate your artist comparison skills to the next level.

Miha Vidmajer

Miha Vidmajer

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