What Do Independent Artists Need? Viberate!

Explore what do independent artists need for success. Dive into Viberate's essential tools, from distribution to playlist pitching
What Do Independent Artists Need? Viberate!
Kristian Gorenc Z

In today's digital age, the music landscape has shifted dramatically. Traditional paths to success have evolved, and independent artists now possess a wealth of opportunities to pave their own way. But with such a vast sea of options, what do independent artists need to genuinely propel their careers?

To understand this, let's first tackle a common debate: is it better to be an independent artist? Independence grants flexibility, full control over creative decisions, and the potential to retain a higher portion of revenue. However, with independence comes the responsibility of managing various aspects of one's music career, from distribution to marketing.

Navigating this intricate music world requires the right tools. While there's a myriad of them available, every independent artist must have a few fundamental ones: tools for distribution, music production, and a strong online presence. One such all-encompassing platform that offers these essential services for independent musicians is Viberate.


📌 Viberate for Artists: Unite every tool an independent artist needs to maximize their career in one hub – including a free website, music distribution, advancing, playlist & festival pitching, and analytics.

Viberate: The Ultimate Tool for Independent Musicians


Music Distribution

A critical step for any independent musician is ensuring their music reaches the masses. With Viberate's distribution service, artists can:

·         Sell their songs on all the major streaming platforms and digital stores.

·         Retain 100% ownership of their music.

·         Receive direct payments, ensuring artists get their due without intermediaries.

Playlist Pitching

Streaming has revolutionized music consumption, and Spotify stands as one of the major players. Getting your track on the right playlist can spell the difference between obscurity and a hit. With Viberate's Spotify Playlist pitching, artists can:

·         Pitch to the perfect playlists to maximize their reach.

·         Gain access to a comprehensive chart of over 12M+ Spotify playlists.

·         Shortlist playlists by various criteria, like genre or subgenre, and directly connect with curators.

Your Personal Website

An online presence is indispensable in the digital age. With Viberate, artists can set up their own professional website in mere seconds. This platform offers:

·         A central hub to share all essential information.

·         Automatically updated statistics that provide a dynamic snapshot of an artist's success.

·         Direct avenues for industry professionals or fans to get in touch, either through a direct form or a booking request.

Data-Driven Analytics

In the music industry, data is gold. Backed by Viberate's analytics, artists can:

·         Monitor their streaming and social statistics.

·         Identify and target their core audience for more effective promotion.

·         Discover the playlists that feature similar artists or the festivals where they're performing, allowing artists to replicate the best strategies for success.

Enhancing Your Spotify for Artists Experience

Viberate supercharges the Spotify for Artists experience. By connecting their Spotify for Artists and other music channels, musicians can have a consolidated view of all their streaming data. Some of the insights include:

·         Detailed statistics on Spotify listeners, followers, and streams.

·         Fanbase geolocation and demographics, such as gender, age, and location.

·         Identification of trending markets with rapidly growing listeners.

·         Comprehensive insights into Spotify playlist performance, revealing playlist placements and the listeners and streams they generate.

Viberate for Artists: Unite every tool an independent artist needs to maximize their career in one hub – including a free website, music distribution, advancing, playlist & festival pitching, and analytics.


while the journey of an independent artist presents its unique challenges, the rewards of autonomy and control can be incredibly gratifying. With platforms like Viberate offering an arsenal of indispensable tools tailored for indie artists, success is not just a dream but a tangible goal. So, to all the independent artists out there: equip yourself with the right tools, trust your artistic vision, and the world could very well be your stage.

Kristian Gorenc Z

Kristian Gorenc Z

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