Grow Your Streaming Numbers With the Right Spotify Tracking Platform

Set your promotional goals with these tips and start effectively tracking Spotify success.
Grow Streaming Numbers With This Spotify Tracking Platform
Sara Mekinc

An essential step that many artists tend to overlook in their promotional planning is setting and tracking Spotify goals.

We’ve seen a lot of artists who are only tracking Spotify listener numbers or track plays. But there are other interesting metrics to monitor if you want to grow your streaming numbers. And it all starts with effective goal-setting.

In this article, we’ll look at five steps that will help you set goals for your Spotify presence, strategically follow them, and aid you in tracking your Spotify success. We’ll also present the Spotify tracking tools you can use to stay on top of everything and maximize your opportunities.

Step 1: Ask yourself how your Spotify presence fits into “the big picture”

Goals are made to provide clarity, direction and vision. What’s Spotify’s role in your vision? Is it the sole medium for your music, or do you use other channels? Do you use social media to promote your music? Are you looking to make money from Spotify, or are you showcasing your tracks to get gigs?

Once you decide on what you want to achieve on Spotify, your strategy can start taking shape.

Step 2: Create specific long-term goals

Strategize beyond “this release” or “this month”. There’s always more than one goal you could focus on, so the best thing you can do is simply choose one as a priority and really commit to it. Do you want to get included on more playlists? Do you want to get more followers? Or maybe reach audiences in other countries? Being as clear as possible from the start will make tracking Spotify success much easier.

Set specific and measurable goals that are also realistic. Prioritize and set a budget. Try thinking like this:

✔️ “By investing $50, I will get 1000 streams and 10 playlist placements.”

❌ “I want to be a Hip Hop Legend.”

It’s important to know where you currently stand in your career. Make your goals attainable, and you’ll progress more easily with each step.

Step 3: Maintain an attractive Spotify presence

Make sure your photos, covers, and bio look professional, and keep uploading high-quality tracks. Don’t forget to create and regularly update your own Spotify playlists, as they can be an awesome promotional tool.

We already covered the top tips in our step-by-step guide. 

Tokimonsta Spotify profile

Pick quality photos and visuals, and don't forget to use the "Artist Pick" tool.

Step 4: Use all your social media to support Spotify growth

Once your music is on Spotify and your strategy is all set for tracking, direct everyone towards it.

  • Add links to your social media bios. This includes adding a track link to your Instagram bio, sharing it in Instagram Stories and YouTube video descriptions, posting it to relevant Facebook groups, etc. – anywhere people might be interested in your music. Monitor those clicks to see where they’re coming from (more on that in Step 5).
  • Feature your music on TikTok. When tracking Spotify success stories back in 2020, it became clear that TikTok has turned into an important music discovery tool. You can add your music to TikTok’s catalog through a digital distributor (such as CDBaby, Tunecore or UnitedMasters). If you’re creating original TikTok content, use your songs as soundtracks, but only the cataloged ones, as TikTok is very strict about removing content with unlicensed music.

Get inspired by the massive amount of videos made to Megan Thee Stallion's track.

  • Partner with influential creators for an extra shoutout. Let them use your music for free in exchange for decent reach.
  • Create hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Use track names as hashtags and create Stories (and other content) that feature your music.
  • Interact with your fans, followers and music connections. Engage in conversations, or start them with Q&A sessions. Go for themes such as “behind the scenes” or give career advice. Let your music connections know what you’ve got going on via a personalized DM, and see if they can promote your Spotify playlist or track.
  • Pitch your track to YouTubers with a similar fanbase. Look at a couple of their videos and see if they use music that could match your vibe. YouTubers are always on the lookout for royalty-free music to avoid copyright strikes. Your artist, track name or even link should be in their video description. You'll opt out of the content ID on your track, but get some good exposure. You can reach out via email in the YouTube About Me section.

Whatever your content type is, it’s important to do what feels right to you. Your content should push your music career forward and build towards achieving your strategic goals. Since it takes considerable time and effort, consider tracking your Spotify metrics with the help of analytics.

Step 5: Monitor your metrics using a comprehensive Spotify tracking platform

Keep tabs on your progress and you’ll be able to adapt as you go. To save valuable time, look up Spotify tracking tools, or better yet, a platform conveniently tracking all social media and streaming metrics in one place.

Try out Viberate’s Spotify analytics, where you can track and examine your own Spotify stats along with those of other artists releasing on Spotify. You can track the performance of all your Spotify releases, filter thousands of Spotify playlists by genre and followers, and gain useful insights. You can also look into an artist you respect and see if there are any patterns you could learn from to reach your goals faster.

Give it a go and see what music data can do for you. Start your free trial here.


  • Define specific goals. They will provide clarity, direction and vision for your strategy.
  • Make your goals attainable. Even slower growth is better than none at all.
  • Make your Spotify profile look professional, and keep uploading high-quality tracks.
  • Use your social media to support Spotify growth. Add links, interact with fans, pitch to influential creators for shoutouts.
  • Upload your music to TikTok.
  • Track Spotify success with data analytics. Viberate offers a comprehensive Spotify tracking tool for easier and more cost-effective work.
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