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Your Spotify for Artists
But Way Better

Connect your ‘Spotify for Artists’ and other music channels to get all your streaming data in one place. It’s free.

Your Spotify for Artists But Way Better

All your Spotify for Artists stats

Spotify listeners,
followers and streams

Daily and historic stats plus stream sources.

Fanbase geolocation
and demographics

Gender, age, and location of your audience.

Trending markets

Countries with the fastest-growing listeners.

Spotify playlist

Playlist placements with generated listeners and streams.


Connect all your music channels!

Connect your Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer and Tidal accounts to get all your music channels analyzed in one place.

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Monitor your Spotify listeners, followers, and streams

  • Get daily and historic Spotify data: your followers, listeners, streams, saves and playlist adds. Plus, see where most of your streams are coming from: your profile, listener’s library, user-generated, editorial, or algorithmic playlists.
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Monitor your Spotify listeners, followers, and streams

Who is in your Spotify audience?

  • How old are your listeners and where are they coming from? This can help you plan promotional campaigns and reach the right audience. Also, you can find potential markets for gigs and back your pitch to event organizers with data.
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Who is in your audience?

Where are your listeners growing?

  • Find the countries with the fastest-growing audience. This is perfect for measuring how impactful your international gigs and campaigns were.
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Where are your listeners growing?

Which Spotify playlists bring you the most streams?

  • Know which playlists work the best for you. Get a complete overview of editorial, algorithmic and user-generated playlisting and find out exactly how many listeners and streams each playlist generated for you.
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Which Spotify playlists bring you the most streams?

Connect all music channels for the best experience

  • Connect your Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, and other channels to have all you music analytics at your fingertips. Perfect for planning and monitoring your promotional campaigns. You are the only one who’ll see detailed analytics on the channels you connect.
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Connect all music channels for the best experience
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Distribution & promotion tools for independent artists

Distribution to all major platforms, direct pitching to the most suitable Spotify playlist curators, and more.


How to claim my page with Spotify for Artists?

  1. Log in to Viberate for Artists.

    Sign up, if you haven’t already done so.

  2. Tell us who you are.

    On your home dashboard, we’ll ask you to search for and select your Artist Page. It’s likely already in our crowdsourced database which maps almost every artist out there. If you can’t find your page, add it yourself and our team will review it promptly.

  3. Verify with Spotify for Artists.

    We have to make sure you represent the selected artist. Start by confirming the “Verify With Spotify for Artists” option. The alternative is for artists who are not using Spotify for Artists yet.

  4. We’ll send you an access request.

    You’ll get our “Read Only” request to access your Spotify for Artist Page in the following 24 hours.

  5. Grant our access request.

    You can do so in your Spotify for Artists “Teams” tab.

  6. That’s it!

    We’ll send you an email when your claim is confirmed and you can start monitoring your music stats in one place.


Why is ‘Viberate for Artists’ the best among different websites for Spotify stats?

Compared to other websites for Spotify stats, Viberate for Artists shows you all your Spotify for Artists stats plus allows you to monitor music analytics from every platform in one place. Also, you can see how other similar artists are doing so you can see where you stand in comparison. We also analyze 12M+ Spotify playlists (not only your Top 100) so you can focus your efforts on the ones that best match your music.

Why should I connect my Spotify for Artists account to Viberate?

Viberate for Artists features multiple tools for your career growth. If you claim your page with Spotify for Artists, you’ll also connect your stats with Viberate Analytics so you can get better data all in one place: streaming, social, and cross-channel. Soon, you’ll also be able to directly connect all your music channels to get the most complete music analytics at your fingertips.

What is Viberate for Artists and how can I use it?

Viberate for Artists is a hub for artists, powered by the music data company Viberate. It provides all the must-have tools for independent artists. This is how it works.
Viberate monitors and analyzes the entire music industry in one place. This means that at Viberate, every artist – including you – has their own public professional website (if your artist page is not in our database yet, we’ll add it). It contains all the important information that music professionals, from event organizers to A&Rs, need when scouting or booking artists. You can claim it to make it your own and start sharing it – it’s beautifully designed and automatically updated.
At the same time, you can connect your Spotify for Artists account (you’re the only one who’ll see your Spotify for Artists stats). This will allow you to look deeper and monitor all your analytics in one place. How effective are your social media campaigns and how do they spill over to Spotify streams? How old are your followers, where are they coming from, and is there a potential market you’re currently missing? With the correct information, you can expand your reach and gain new fans much easier.
You can claim your website and analytics tools completely free of charge.
All of this is not possible without releasing and promoting your music where it matters. That’s why Viberate for Artists includes a Premium plan with additional tools: digital music distribution to all major platforms, advancing, plus direct pitching to the most suitable playlists and festivals. The Premium plan is available for $39/year ($3.25/month).

I want to claim my page on Viberate with Spotify for Artists. How do I approve your request on Spotify?

Once you’ve selected the “Verify With Spotify for Artists” option on your Viberate for Artists dashboard, we’ll send you a request to access your Spotify for Artists page in the next 24 hours.
Then follow these steps:
1. Log in to
2. Click your avatar in the top-right corner
3. Select Teams, then the team you want to view the request for (if you're in multiple teams)
4. Choose the access level (View access – "Read Only") and click Approve

These are the steps if you’re already using Spotify for Artists. If you have any issues with claiming your page, contact us at Our team will be happy to help you.

How to make a Spotify for Artists account?

If you don't have your Spotify for Artists account yet, these are the steps to follow to create it. First, you have to release your music to Spotify, which you can do via Viberate for Artists.
1. Sign up to Viberate for Artists and verify your Artist Page.
2. Upload your songs and artwork in the “Music Distribution” tab.
3. Submit your music to Spotify and allow a couple of days for review.
4. Claim your artist profile on Spotify.
5. Connect your Spotify for Artists to your Viberate dashboard.
6. Monitor all your data in one place.

If you have any issues with specific steps, contact us at Our team will be happy to help you.

How important are Spotify stats?

Spotify stats are extremely important. Despite the viral power of TikTok, A&Rs still focus heavily on platforms where music is unaccompanied by a strong visual element and where its longevity power can be impartially assessed. With a global market share of over 30%, Spotify is undoubtedly a strong indicator of a musician’s overall music performance.

All the benefits of a record label.
None of the restrictions.

Distribute, promote, and back your releases with premium music analytics.