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Are You a Spotify Playlist Curator? Apply to Find Top Talent

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Streamline the submission process

  • Is your mailbox filled with artists pitching their tracks that often don’t even match the genre or mood of your playlist? Put an end to this by registering as a Playlist Curator and get targeted, standardized and easy-to-navigate pitches through Viberate.
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Eliminate the noise

  • Playlist pitching is only available to our Premium users, who get a limited number of pitches per month, which prevents mass spamming and motivates artists to do their research before deciding which playlists to pitch.
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Your playlist, your choice

  • When registering as a curator, you get to define genres, moods and any other parameters you deem necessary to receive pitches that are a good fit to your playlist.

    Pitching form is well structured and contains all relevant information you might need to decide on a review or a placement, such as artist info, track info and a budget they’re willing to spend.

    However, the decision is completely up to you. You are not obliged to provide a review or to include a track in your playlist.
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We have answers

What kind of playlist analytics does Viberate provide?

Viberate provides Spotify and Apple Music Playlist Analytics. It analyzes over 12M Spotify and close to 100K Apple Music playlists that you can filter by genre and subgenre, number of followers, type, song popularity, and song release date. You can rank filtered playlists by the number of followers, 1-month follower growth, and number of songs.

What other music analytics does Viberate cover?

Viberate covers a broad spectrum of music analytics, relating to both streaming/airplay and social media. Next to the two biggest DSPs, Spotify and Apple Music, we cover YouTube, Soundcloud, Deezer, Shazam and Beatport. On the social media side, we cover TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and X. We also monitor over 24,000 radio stations. We provide basic-level data such as stream, listener or follower count, and fanbase breakdown, combined with our proprietary aggregate indicators, such as Career Health and Performance.

Does Viberate provide Spotify analytics?

It sure does. Viberate provides Spotify stats on different levels. You can monitor the overall Spotify performance of every musician in our database, and if you want to dig deeper, you can do so with track-level analytics. On the Artist Chart, artists can be ranked according to different Spotify metrics. We also analyze and rank over 12M Spotify playlists of different types.

How many artists are there on Viberate?

Viberate is currently analyzing and ranking 1M+ artists. Their artist analytics includes performance on music and social media platforms. If an artist is missing, you can add them to our database. The entry will be verified by our team of data curators who make sure a specific artist page features the correct links which are essential for their performance tracking. After being confirmed, the social media and streaming data for the artist will be generated automatically.

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