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How it works

  1. Connect your Spotify for Artist account

    If you’re looking for a free website builder for musicians, you’re at the right place. Start by telling us who you are by connecting your Spotify for Artists account (go to FAQs to see the steps).

  2. Get your website (immediately!)

    Simple as that! Your music website contains a booking request and contact form plus all the information industry professionals need when discovering and screening artists: top-performing songs and social media content, fanbase breakdown, upcoming events, etc.

  3. Share your website!

    Showcase your music when pitching your gig to festivals, reaching out to playlist curators, etc. This is your daily refreshed one-sheet. It’s always ready-to-use, with no editing or updating required. You can also use it as a part of your EPK for musicians.

  4. Get discovered and booked

    Your page is publicly available through Viberate Charts with country, genre, and subgenre filters. Grab the attention of music professionals looking for artists just like you for an event, festival, or any other collaboration.

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Effortlessly generated, daily refreshed

  • At Viberate, every artist – including you – has a professional page. It’s beautifully designed and automatically generated with information from the Viberate music database. This also means that your stats are always up to date, no editing needed.
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Effortlessly generated, daily refreshed

One-sheet showcasing your music

  • Display your signature content – your top-performing songs, music videos, and upcoming events – and provide an overview of your audience. When pitching gigs to promoters or songs to playlist curators, you’ll show all the information they need in one place.
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One-sheet showcasing your music

Add a contact and booking button

  • Your music website has a direct contact and booking request button so music professionals who are scouting for artists to book or sign can reach out to you directly.
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Add a contact and booking button

Monitor your Google Analytics

  • Look into Google Analytics for your new website and analyze your traffic. How many visitors are you getting, where are they coming from, and more.
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Monitor your Google Analytics
All-In-One Workspace

Your artist stats & promo tools in one hub

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“When I was starting my career, access to the music industry was extremely limited – especially where I come from. A tool like Viberate for Artists would have saved me a lot of energy I could have used to focus on my creative process instead.”

UMEK, Techno producer & Viberate’s co-founder

How do we compare

to other website builders for musicians?

for Artists
Automatically generatedCheckCheck--
Automatically refreshedCheckCheck--
Displays signature contentCheckCheck--
Allows customization--CheckCheck
Booking buttonCheck---
Contact optionCheck---
Online store--CheckCheck
Google analyticsCheck-Check-
Streaming & social analytics on the same platformCheckCheck--
Playlist pitching tools on the same platformCheck---

We have answers

How can I create my music website?

With Viberate, getting a music website is easy. Our database features almost every artist out there. Thanks to our free website builder for musicians, every artist in our database also has their own music website, which is automatically updated daily. You can use it as a booking page, add it to your electronic press kit, etc. Whether you're a solo artist, a DJ or you need a website for your band, the process is simple. If you're not in the database, we'll add you with all the relevant social media and music links. You can make it your own by claiming. By doing this, you’ll improve its appearance, and add your contact information.

Why is Viberate better than other website builders for musicians?

Compared to other website builders for musicians, Viberate for Artists provides a website that is automatically generated and always up-to-date as it’s connected to the Viberate music database. That’s why it’s always ready to be shared, no editing needed.

Viberate for Artists also provides a full-service hub for independent musicians, allowing you to connect all your streaming and social stats in one place. You can use it as an all-in-one workspace where you promote your songs by pitching them to the most suitable Spotify playlists. All that for 2.99/month, the best price for a hub connecting analytics and promotional tools.

How do I connect my Spotify for Artists account to get my music website?

1. Tell us who you are. While signing up to Viberate for Artists, we'll ask you to paste a link to your Spotify account Sign up first, if you haven’t already done so.
2. We’ll send you a “Read Only” request to join your team in the following 24 hours.
3. Grant our access request.You can do so in your Spotify for Artists “Teams” tab. Log in to, click your avatar in the top-right corner, select Teams, and then the team you want to view the request for (if you're in multiple teams). Choose the access level (View access – "Read Only") and click Approve. We’ll also send you an email to guide you through.
4. That’s it! Once you confirm it, you’ll be able to see your Spotify and other stats

If you have any issues with claiming your page, contact us at

Is my music website already on Viberate?

Our database is entirely crowdsourced, meaning all artists, venues, festivals, and events are added by users just like yourself. If you can’t find the page you’re looking for, click the "Add New Page" button and add it yourself. Our team will then review your entry. Once it's confirmed, it will be displayed publicly.

Can a member of my team claim my Artist Page on my behalf?

Yes, whoever has access to your Spotify or official social media channels, such as your manager, social media manager, PR rep, etc., can claim and manage your Viberate Page on your behalf.

How can I get booked through Viberate?

Registering or activating a Viberate for Artists account will get you your own booking page via the free website builder for musicians. You’ll be able to add your booking contacts, whether your own or of your booking agents. The email addresses you add won’t be publicly displayed. Any booking request you receive will get delivered to all the addresses provided, and all further communication will take place via email. Viberate will not take any commission on your booking fee. Booking offers received through Viberate are non-binding. While we try our best to eliminate bad actors, we cannot guarantee all the information on the booking form is correct and that the booking will take place.

How do I increase my chances of getting booked?

Make sure your Viberate website looks as good as possible. Improve the quality of your stats by adding any missing social media or streaming links and upcoming events. Keep your profile photo updated. Don’t forget to keep your agents’ contact emails up to date. Think of your website as your music artist press kit. Users, including bookers and talent buyers, will be able to use a filter on our Artist Chart to filter out the websites for musicians. This will further increase your chances of getting discovered and booked.

Can I negotiate the booking fee?

You can negotiate any aspect of the booking offer, including the booking fee. Know your worth, but stay realistic. Booking offers received through Viberate are non-binding. While we try our best to eliminate bad actors, we cannot guarantee all the information on the booking form is correct and that the booking will take place.

I have more than one agent. Which one will get the booking request?

You should list all your agents as booking contacts when creating your website for musicians. All of the agents will receive the same booking request, and the agent covering the territory of the offer in question should reply to it.

What is Viberate for Artists and how can I use it?

Viberate for Artists is a hub uniting all the must-have tools for independent musicians – streaming & social stats plus data-driven marketing tools – in one place. This is how it works:

  1. By connecting your Spotify for Artists account and other music channels, you can monitor all your streaming stats in one place. Data from the channels you connect is private to you. Viberate for Artists is powered by the music data company Viberate which maps and analyzes the entire music industry in one place, including 1M+ artists. We’ll enhance the information from your channels with our own music and social media data, which will allow you to look deeper and monitor all your analytics in one place. With the correct information, you can promote your music where it matters most and gain new fans more easily.

  2. At Viberate, every artist – including you – gets a public music website (if your artist page is not in our database yet, we’ll add it). It’s professionally designed and automatically updated. By connecting at least one music channel, you’ll take control of your website, remove all banners, and add your contact buttons. You can start sharing it right away! It contains all the important information that music professionals, from event organizers to A&Rs, need when scouting or booking artists.

  3. Viberate also analyzes and ranks 12M+ playlists. You get access to the chart which you can narrow according to your genre, playlist type, career stage, etc., and reach out to Spotify playlist curators, most suitable for you. You can pitch your songs to 2,500+ verified curators directly from the platform and reach many more via external links.

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