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Artist Pro

  • Your first-party streaming stats
  • Your complete social media stats
  • Your data-driven music website
  • Targeted Spotify playlist pitching
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  • First-party Spotify for Artists stats
  • First-party Apple Music for Artists stats
  • First-party Shazam for Artist stats
  • First-party Amazon for Artists stats
  • Other first-party stats COMING SOON
  • Integrated social & music stats from Viberate Tooltip
  • Fanbase demographics
  • Fanbase geolocation
  • Detailed song analytics


  • Shareable website
  • Automatically generated and refreshed
  • “Book Now” form
  • Contact button


  • Chart of 12M+ Spotify playlists Tooltip
  • Direct contact form
  • Curators’ social media links
  • Pitching of new and older releases

Are you already spending over $50
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Tracking your artist stats, planning promotional campaigns, and pitching songs to the most suitable playlists is not cheap.

Current activity
Monitoring your artist stats
(without first-party data)
Maintaining a music
Pitching songs to
Spotify playlists
Chartmetric, Soundcharts,
Songstats, etc.
OneSheet, BandZoogle,
BandVista, etc.
PlaylistPush, SubmitHub,
Groover, etc.
$10-12 / month
$0-16 / month
$0-50 / month
$10- 78 / month

We cover all that – without switching tools!

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“When I was starting my career, access to the music industry was extremely limited – especially where I come from. A tool like Viberate for Artists would have saved me a lot of energy I could have used to focus on my creative process instead.”

UMEK, Techno producer & Viberate’s co-founder


What payment methods do you accept?

We can choose among multiple payment methods:

  • credit card payment via Mastercard, Visa, or American Express;
  • Google and Apple Pay (your Google or Apple account has to be connected to your credit card);
  • PayPal

Can I use Viberate for Artists for free?

You can try Viberate for Artists for free for 7 days, no credit card needed.

Can I use Viberate for Artists for multiple musicians?

You can use Viberate for Artists for multiple musicians. That comes in handy if you have aliases or use different names for different products. If you’re managing a roster and would like to add more artists, contact us at

Supercharge your music career without switching tools

Here’s your all-in-one artist workspace to monitor your releases and promote them where it matters.

No credit card required!